Indie Fixx From Across the Pond: stunning stitch work

across the pond: the UK inidie craft sceneIf push came to shove and I was forced to choose just one craft to partake in for the rest of my life I would have to choose embroidery. I find the process of passing thread through fabric extremely relaxing, there is definitely something to be said about the meditative quality of making each perfect stitch. So I am always fascinated to see the stunningly beautiful artwork that can be created using thread instead of pencils or pens. Here are a few of my very favourite pieces of stunning stitch work.

I am a big fan of Peter Crawley‘s stitched illustration work. This piece features the main entrance to the iconic London department store Liberty.

Rosanna Geissler brings together embroidery with another one of my great loves, namely typography. I love the sentiment of this piece ‘I’m done with trying to be perfect’ too!

Debbie Smyth is another wonderful artist who has taken drawing with thread to a whole other level. This piece was a rather impressive 4m x 4m installation entitled Ship to Shore.

This rosette is a stunning piece of white work by craftivist Curegreed, created to commemorate the day that Dilma Rouseff was inaugurated as president of Brazil.

Fans of The Beastie Boys will probably recognise this fabulous embroidered recreation of their ‘To the 5 Boroughs ‘ album cover by Cat McLaughlin of WildCat Designs

Would embroidery be your eternal craft of choice? If not, then what would be?

– Michelle Duxbury helps runs a rockin’ indie boutique called Rocket 59. Read more about her on the contributors’ page.


  1. Lol, also a Beastie Boys/Embroidery fan. I def would choose embroidery above all else. I sadly don’t have much time for it right now, but someday I will again!

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