DIY Fashion Blog Inspiration

by guest contributor Alicia DiRago

In the last few years, I’ve read lots of magazines and blogs talk about the mix of high/low fashion. It was a little funny to see high/low (the mixing of budget and designer fashion) be treated as a trend. Of course, this is how people dress, right? And now, thanks to people like Michelle Obama, it’s a celebrated style.

But I like to take it one step further and add DIY pieces to my budget and designer fashion mix. For me, DIY fashion is another way to express myself. Sometimes I do it to get a look that I can’t find in a store or can’t afford, and other times I do it just for fun.

You don’t have to be Project Runway-ready to give it a try either. Jewelry and accessories are a fun and easy place to start. I often flip through fashion magazines with an eye for pieces I can make myself, but if you’re not ready to start from scratch then there are lots of great blogs that share their how-to DIY projects.

Here are a few of my favorites to get you started, and in my next column I’ll share an original DIY with you.

DIY Box Braid Necklace from HonestlyWTF

Glittered Shoes from I Spy DIY

DIY Split Skirt Dress A Pair and a Spare

Safety Pin Belt from Love Maegan

Ribbon and Rose Gold Necklace DIY from PS I Made This


  1. i loved this post, so inspirational !t makes want to take my scissors and start snipping, in fact i think i’ll actually do it!

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