Wednesday Indie Artist Fixx with lil fish studios

wednesday indie artist fixx interview

I’m sure you all are familiar with Lisa Jordan’s work, even if you might not recognize her name. She is the creative force behind lil fish studios (blog) and you’ve probably at least seen her flickr photos featured many times on this blog in my flickr inspiration posts, if you aren’t familiar with her work.

Today, I am featuring Lisa and her work for this week’s edition of the  Wednesday Indie Artist Fixx. Try not to drool over your keyboard looking at the pics of her work!

Tell us a little about yourself and your work.

I’m Lisa Jordan and I live under the poplar and pine in rural Minnesota. I’m enthralled with wood and wool, and the combination of the two and I’m rarely far from my band saw or felting needles.

How did you get your start and what made you decided to take the plunge to sell your work?

I’ve always been creative. Have done a number of odd jobs along the way–sign painter, muralist, frame-builder–and had done a craft show or two, but when my husband introduced me to Etsy in 2006 I started to think more seriously about selling my work. I’m still evaluating how and why I sell and its effect on my creativity, but I feel like I’m really finding my voice lately and feeling lucky that people are responding favorably to it.

What inspires you?

Nature inspires me. The odd lumpy bits of moss, the colors of mushrooms, the texture of bark and leaves and stone. I can’t get enough of the tiny often overlooked details in nature.

What is your creative process like?

I’m a doer. I have a sketchbook, but I rarely use it. Instead I sit down with a vague idea in my head and let the materials and process influence the final result.

Share some indie/handmade/crafty shops you are crushing on.

I’m utterly in love with MisterFinch’s moths and soft sculpture, I think fogandswell’s work brilliantly captures her surroundings, and I’m trying to convince myself that I don’t *need* another birdfeeder from JoePapendick (but I really really *want* one).

What’s the best about what you do? The worst?

I love that I’m working with materials that are natural. I love that I can find a downed branch in the woods, haul it home, and discover a star hidden in the grain. Natural materials just feel good. The worst? I go through a lot of band-aids.

What are some other types of crafty stuff to you like to do?

I love to cook, and lay belly down on the forest floor and take photos of mushrooms, and I’ve recently started re-fashioning some of my own clothing. Considering I’m not much of a machine-sewist, that has been a fun challenge.

What’s new or in works?

I’ve always been interested in the idea of carrying nature with you, and recently translated this into wearable vases.  I’ve also continued to explore the combination of wood and wool, trying to capture those tiny mossy worlds I find so fascinating.


  1. Thanks for this interview of one of my very very favorite artists !!! Lisa is a good fairy ! Her vision of Nature is a pure enchantment and coming in her woodland is like an “awake dream” ! (hope it makes sense in English)

  2. Lisa’s work is forever inspiring to me. I love her little mossy worlds and these new vases are so cool – I can also relate to lying on the ground taking pictures of mushrooms! Great feature on her. (and thanks Lisa for the little shout out!)

  3. I am a big fan of Lisa’s. I get so excited when I receive her blog in my inbox. I almost feel the need to have a cup of coffee or tea in my hands so I can really savour the moment. There is something about her that I enjoy so much – I want to say soft because I want to touch everything she makes. Her photographs just bring me there with her, and I don’t believe that she actually realizes how much she inspires the artist in all of us. Thank you for featuring her.

  4. oooh what a great interview of Lisa, thanks so much ! She’s so talented that I can barely stand it (in the good way, don’t worry), one of my dreams is to see her at work. Observing her working with wood and wool must be so exciting !

  5. I’m a follower of Lisa. Her creation is stunning. Love so much particularly wool with barch or wood. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I’ve been a fan of Lisa’s work for a long time. These new wearable vessels are fantastic! Great reading about her creative process and inspirations. Thanks so much for this wonderful feature!

  7. i love her work, sooo beautiful and candy to our eyes every day of LIsa’s e letter.
    i like the wood hard work and the needling felt together, it’s giving me inspiration to go on with my own work but as well have always a smile on my face;-D

  8. I adore Lisa’s work. So happy to visit her here on Indie Fixx. Beautiful images as always. Her hard working hands do magic with wood and wool!

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