Getting Featured on Blogs Workshop

getting featured on blogs workshop

I’ve been talking about offering workshops and e-courses for a while now (here + here). Well, I finally put money where my mouth is (fingers are?) and put together my 1st Workshop.

Called Getting Featured on Blogs, it’s all about…well, getting featured on blogs. As a popular blogger, for going on 5 years now, I receive hundreds of submissions each week from shops, artists, fashion designers and crafters all wanting me to feature them and their goods on this blog.

How do I choose those that I do feature? What makes them stand out from all the other submission? Why did their pitch catch my eye long enough for me to actually read it? What do they have that you don’t? These are just some of the questions that I will answer with my Workshop.

It’s an interactive 5 session online workshop, and through a mix of lessons, exercises and interactions we will focus on 3 topics to make your approach to blogs more successful:

  1. Your shop
  2. Your message
  3. Your pitch

I will also be providing each participant with valuable personalized feedback!

Spots are limited for this 1st Workshop–I want to make sure that I will be able to work with each student–so make sure to register now to reserve your spot.

What: Getting Featured on Blogs

When: the Workshop will run from May 2nd – June 6th.

How much: $50

How to register: Sign-up HERE!