Currently Crushing on Wearable Art

I am so pleased to be sharing artist Danny Brito’s debut post for his new regular guest column called Currently Crushing. I love Danny’s work AND love that I now have a guy guest blogger! I’m always saying that I want to feature more men on Indie Fixx,  and what better way to do that than by having a guy’s perspective on the blog?

Danny’s column is going to go up on Monday’s and he will posting a couple times a month, so make sure to keep checking back on Mondays if you like his column. xoxo- Jen

currently crushing by danny brito

Hi! I’m Danny Brito, an Illustrator living in Miami, Florida. I’m going to be doing a regular guest blog post over here on Indie Fixx for a while. I plan on bringing you some of my favorite finds whether they are from other artists or just great thrifted items that I’ve found. No theme, just going with it! Hope you enjoy what I’m Currently Crushing on.

Today I’m going to be sharing with you some of my favorite forms of wearable art!

These necklaces are by Malaysian artist MiniFanFan and what sets them apart for me are the images are hand drawn, so each necklace is completely unique. Not to mention, I absolutely adore MiniFanFan’s style. They have a really playful and colorful look to them. There are a bunch of other jewelry styles, prints, and cards in the MiniFanFan shop.

These are by artist Flora Chang that goes by Happy Doodle Land on Etsy.  I had to choose two items from her shop because they were just too many awesome things to chose from. First, is the sweet interchangeable necklace (see 2 images above). You can choose four images that will come with your necklace, and switch out the designs, so it’s like you’re getting four necklaces in one!

The next wearable art item I chose from Flora’s shop are the wood burned brooches (image above), they’re set in a similar setting to the necklace but are made to be pinned on instead. The cool thing about them is that each one is completely original, and I’ve always been a fan of the wood burning technique.

Next up are these hair accessories by artist Yali Paz. I’ve been a fan of her work for quite some time now, she makes these adorable little faces out of felt. Her shop mainly consists of pins and brooches, but the pieces that stood out to me the most is this set of three monochromatic barrettes. They have hand painted faces and teeny tiny embroidered hair accessories. They’re a really unique piece of art to wear in your hair!

This is a hand painted wooden brooch by Artist Devon Smith, it’s incredibly detailed for being so tiny! Devon has other style of wooden brooches in her shop along with fine art prints. I own one of her prints and a few postcards, they’re printed very nicely!

This is a more literal form of wearable art, but still awesome nonetheless and it’s by illustrator Amber Seegmiller. In her shop, she has a few listings for limited run t-shirts at super reasonable prices, considering they’re limited. I own the first shirt she made, and wear it to death. This one’s for the boys out there, like me! I love some wearable art but it’s mainly geared to girls, so a t-shirt is a perfect form of wearable art that’s pretty unisex.

Last but not least is wearable art by myself! Shamelessly plugging my own jewelry isn’t tacky right? I started doing jewelry for my etsy shop when I opened it last year, mainly cameo type necklaces but I just recently got into making earrings and rings! I tend to use different settings every few updates so each jewelry piece is pretty unique. This one is one of my favorites necklaces that I have listed.

Well that’s it! First guest blogging for Indie Fixx, I hope you guys enjoyed it! Until next time..

Danny Brito