More getting outside my comfort zone

I know it’s been a long while since I 1st posted about my taking Alisa Burke’s Sketchbook Delight class. Since early February, in fact, but as always happens, life got in the way of me trying to live my life! Actually, I got the flu and got derailed for a few weeks trying to play catch-up afterward. Now I’m finally back in class participation mode…thank gawd Alicia’s class is self-paced.

So, here’s a few little doodles I did for homework (top 3 images below). I used stuff I learned from Alicia’s class, but I also used this Zentangle technique. As far as I can tell, Zentangle is a systematic drawing technique using repetition and patterns. Here’s more about Zentangle.

In addition to taking Alicia’s class and playing around with Zentangle, I’ve also been reading The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain book by Betty Edwards. Just getting into it actually, but I’m hopeful that it’s really going to help me break free and be able to draw all that I get inspired by in the world.

Speaking of inspiration, I am also planning a trip next week to our local garden & conservatory. I have two goals for this excursion: get out of the house and experience some of the spring that exploding around me and  to take some photographs I can use as inspiration for my drawing. Can’t wait for that…and I will be sharing, of course.

So, now it’s your turn.

What have you been doing lately to challenge yourself

or get outside your comfort zone?

Please share in the comments, I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to as well.

my homework for Alisa Burke’s Sketchbook Delight class.

I bought a set of Derwent Watercolor pencils for myself after experimenting with a smaller, less expensive set and realizing that I LOVE watercolor pencils!  Early birthday present to myself. 😉

Here are some of Alisa Burke’s sketches as inspiration for us as all.

More of Alia’s colorful sketchbook. Alisa does offer other classes besides Sketchbook Delight. I’m not sure what the next scheduled class is, but here’s a list of what she offers.

I love this feather sketch by Alisa. I’m thoroughly been enjoying my experience with Sketchbook Delight and think Alisa’s been a great teacher. If you are at all interested in taking any of her classes, I say go for it!


  1. Too many times in life we sit and watch, so much better to participate. For every time we all say I could do that it is amazing to actually go for it and surprise ourselves. Art, sewing doesn’t have to be perfect – it gives your piece personality. This was great, this was a great way to inspire us and your drawings are really good!

  2. Whenever I doodle, I’m always filling up shapes with different patterns like that. I’ve never heard of Zentangle but it seems that I’ve been practising the art since childhood!

  3. Love the images.

    I had never heard of zentangle…that’s cool. I’ll have to try some of that in my sketchbook. I don’t use my sketchbook often enough but you’ve inspired me!

  4. these are awesome! I’ll have to check out that zentangle stuff. I also really loved the sketchbook class. I got so many new ideas to incorporate into my sketching, and it helped me to sketch a whole lot more than I was.

  5. love your art. i’ve been looking and looking at zentangle on amazon (not in any of my local bookstores!), why didn’t i think to check out youtube?! thanks for sharing the link!
    i’ve stepped out of my comfort zone into the painting zone!

  6. I have been inspired (though have yet to submit anything!) by Bill Guffey’s Virtual Paintout –
    Each month he chooses a location and readers/participants go to the google map for the location. Using Google Street View, which is now legal to use a source, thanks to Bill, you ‘walk’ around the location and choose something to paint, noting the url of the mapsite you are choosing, and then submit it to the website. Great fun looking at all the possibilities!

  7. Wow! I’m smitten by your work and the class! Thanks for introducing these classes and Alica to me! This has been exactly what I’ve been looking for! Can’t wait to sign up!

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