Wednesday Indie Artist Fixx wth Boo and Boo Factory

wednesday indie artist fixx interview

I have a  Wednesday Indie Artist Fixx for you today. Yay! I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted one. I’ve been waiting for artists to get back to me and if I’m being honest, I’m having trouble adjusting to not having an intern this semester. My interns have coordinated these interviews for me in the past and it’s a lot of emailing back and worth!

Put I pulled it together for today’s interview with Christine Anton of Boo and Boo Factory. I just love her bold geometric designs! On to the interview.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business.

My name is Christina Anton and Boo and Boo Factory is my jewelry shop! I graduated from University of Illinois at Chicago for architecture, and I just moved to Los Angeles to pursue my masters in architecture. Boo and Boo started when the economy hit a bad place and I suddenly found myself with free time. I’ve always wanted to start a small business, but never had the time because I was working so much.

How would you describe your designing style?

Well, I am very influenced by digital architecture. More specifically, scripting, algorithms and fabrication. I am experimental and you can see it in my jewelry. I love repetition, strong geometry, color and asymmetry. I love creating work that looks futuristic, something out of a science fiction movie.

What’s your creative process like?

My creative process is all over the place. When I’m designing in architecture, I am always inundating myself with inspirational images and research, which translates to my jewelry. I sketch and arrange leather into colors I like, and then start working. I get most of my creativity before I go to sleep. That’s usually when I design everything and then work on it the next morning.

Who are some other designers whose work you admire?

I absolutely adore the jewelry of Denise Julia Reytan. Her pieces are so playful and colorful. I love the layering of materiality and textures. I also love the work of Marc Fornes. He explores Rhinoscripting to create these killer installations. Finally, I love Victoria Reynolds‘ meat paintings. They are remarkable and compositionally beautiful!

What are some things that you are crushing on right now from other indie artists/crafters/designers.

Invisible Shoes by Andreia Chaves (via design milk).

Hanna Hedman’s “Human Tree” Series jewelry.

I’m loving the spring/summer 2011 collection from Katie Gallagher.

I also love the beaded jewelry from Broken Fab

What do you like to do when you aren’t creating?

When I’m not creating  jewelry I’m doing homework! But when I do get free time I love to hang out with my Chicago friends who moved to L.A., and most importantly my fiancée Michael. We don’t get to see each other too often with school and work, so I love to spend as much time as I can with him. Boo and Boo could not have started without his support and also the loving support of my amazing parents!

I love exploring new areas or neighborhoods and I find it fascinating that I am so close to the desert, the ocean and mountains! Some of my favorite things to do are going thrifting, to flea markets, the beach and going to shows and art galleries.

What’s better? Winter or summer? Vanilla or chocolate? Cats or dogs? Day or night? Coffee or tea? Bacon or tofu?

I would say summer, vanilla, dogs, day, coffee and bacon!

What’s new or in the works?

I am playing with color more and definitely want to have more mixed media in my pieces. I’m going to introduce elements of 3d print and laser cutting in my jewelry. I think the combination of machinic processes offset with handmade will be interesting. I’m also going to add different materials such as acrylic, wood and fabric in combination with leather. I love painting and will integrate that into my jewelry. I’m excited for my upcoming line! It should be out in summer.

geometric leather earrings


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