Friday Reflections

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I’m feeling very reflective today.  I think it’s partly the news & images of the devastating earthquake and tsunami (my thoughts are with everyone affected) and partly some other stuff I’ve been ruminating over lately as well. Plus, it’s Friday and that always leads me to look back at the week behind me and think about the weeks to come.

One theme I’ve been dwelling on lately is the idea that our time is precious. I’m not religious at all and in fact,  I don’t believe in a God or an afterlife. I think this life is what we get and we had better make the most of it for ourselves, our loved ones and the world in general.  Whether you agree with my views about God or not, I think we can all see the benefit in making it count.

In that vein, I often find myself coming back to the mantra that “life’s too short.” I usually express this when I realize I’m engaging in some sort of activity, experience or thought process that really would be better left alone. I’ve expressed this sentiment while engaged in melodrama or gossip, while wasting my time in self-doubt and when I worked at a soul crushing job with a shrew of a boss. Remembering the simple idea that “life’s too short” often helps me recalibrate and change my focus and energy. So, when I’m in the drama, I can decide to step back and get the hell out of there. Or, I can remember that self-doubt is the killer of  personal growth and invention. Or even, leave that soul-crushing job, &  the shrew boss, with a passion in my heart to never let anyone ever tear me down again.

I’m not saying that I’m all sunshine and smiles. I certainly end up in situations and in thought processes that are bad news…but man, that’s how we learn. That’s how we can appreciate the good times. I do try to remember a promise I made to myself many years ago now  to never give my life away, because…

life’s too short.

Sorry to get all heavy on you all, but I just wanted to share my thoughts in the hopes that they might resonate with some of you and be helpful in getting even  just one person out of a funk.

I love you all and hope you have a absolutely fabulous weekend. Spend some time treating yourself, treating someone you love or doing some good for a stranger, because it matters!

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  1. these are some pretty valid thoughts…and i do agree when you say this is the life we get and we had better make the most of it!

  2. As I’ve been very reflective lately, this post really hit home. Thanks for the reminder to step away from the drama in our lives.

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