Indie Fixx From Across the Pond: the UK indie craft scene

Michelle Duxbury is starting a regular guest column today, called Indie Fixx From Across the Pond. Michelle will be highlighting the indie craft scene in the UK and showcasing some of  fab designers, makers, illustrators and other wonderful creatives… a British Invasion of Craft!  Michelle’s been involved in the indie craft movement in the UK for some time: starting a Craft Mafia in Leeds; founding craftsville (currently on hiatus); writing for a bunch of blogs; and she is even working on her PhD, which is all about craft too! 

Look for Indie Fixx From Across the Pond on Thursdays. Not every Thursday, but just twice a month. Make sure to let me know what you think about this new column too! xoxo – Jen

across the pond: the UK inidie craft scene

I have always been hugely inspired by the indie craft scene in America. In fact, I would go as far to say that it’s very much thanks to your indie craft scene that I do what I do. So, I am absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to share with you some of the very best creative indie talent from my side of the pond. Over the next few months I will be introducing you to a whole heap of my very favourite indie crafters, artists and designers.

First up, let’s meet some of the rather wonderful illustrators whose work I am currently coveting for my walls. Their images speak so much louder than my words. I strongly urge you to pay them a visit and get to know them all a bit better as soon as you possibly can.

In The Tree by Anke Weckman of Linotte

Make More Friends by Simon Wild

Treehouse Gocco Print by Jen Collins of Hello Jenuine

Ps. You may recognise Jen’s work as she has previously interviewed for the Wednesday Indie Artist Fixx.

Cloak Giclee Print by Lesley Barnes

Green Typewriter Screenprint by Helen Entwistle of Memo

Custard the Cat Limited Edition Gocco Print by Moira Millman

Tea for all Life’s Woes by Heidi Burton

(Heidi has generously contributed a print to the Feed Your Soul Project in the past. You can see it here).

Blue Framed Bandit by Amy Blackwell

(Amy has also been interviewed before. Read it here).