Feed Your Soul: the free art project from Stephanie Fizer

feed your soul free printable art

Stephanie Fizer was one of the original Feed Your Soul: the free art project contributors back in 2009, and she is back again with another free art download for you to enjoy. This one is entitled “Tea Time” and it’s already hanging up in my bedroom. I’m a big fan of Stephanie’s work and own at least several prints from her….I’m off now to visit her shop and see if there’s anything that I need to add to my collection.

tea time - free print-it-yourself art print

Stephanie Fizer – Stephanie is a curious girl and illustrator in ovely, but misunderstood, West Virginia. She enjoys vintage children’s illustration, pickles, striped stockings, and all things cute which is apparent in her illustrations. . .well except maybe the pickles. To catch up with Stepahnie’s goings on, visit her blog. You can find her work at Etsy and on flickr.

Download Stephanie’s print HERE!


  1. what a beautiful design, it is so wonderful and just found it´s place behind my ayurveda and green tea collection. thank you for sharing. this is soooosooooosooo lovely and makes me smile!!!!

  2. Love, love, love this picture! And the whole project idea is simply brilliant. I have just found your lovely, fun filled blog and just had to blog about it!
    Nice to meet you :O)
    B x

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