mixed media bouquet of crocus hearts + happy valentine’s day

It’s Valentine’s Day and unfortunately I don’t feel like being anyone’s valentine today. I’m sickly-sick with a bad cold. Before I started feeling like a truck ran me over this weekend, I did have a chance to make some Valentines for Indie Fixx Jr though. I’ve been playing & practicing with my supplies all week long for my art class homework (I must say that I think my skillz are improving) and I decided to use some of my new knowledge to make a mixed media bouquet of crocus hearts. I used charcoal, pens and watercolor pencils to get my desired look.I also plan on paper-clipping some dinero to them as well. I think she will like that. 😉

I do hope your Valentine’s Day is better than mine is gonna be. No smooching my sweetheart today. 🙁 I’m going back to bed now to read some Anthony Bourdain. Air kisses to you all.


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