From the Archives: some timely oldies, but goodies

After almost 5 years of writing this blog, and posting once, twice and sometimes three times a weekday, I’ve managed to publish a LOT of content. Some awfully good content, if I do say same myself. Unfortunately, a lot of that content has become buried in the archives. That is, until now. I’ve decided to start a new series highlighting content from the past that you just might be too busy to dig around for.

To start things off, I’ve pulled together some timely posts from the past.

P.S. I’d like to thank Nicole from Sloe Gin Fizz for coming up with a quick little drawing for the From the Archives header.


Heart Garland


Pretty Knickers & Things


Do You Love Me? Yes or No?

Framed Snowflake Mobile


Interview with Chez Sucre Chez

Homemade Caramels


J’ aime l’hiver Scarf from Lulette