I’m on a journey to step outside my comfort zone

One of my resolutions for this year is to take more chances. With that in mind, I signed up for Alisa Burke’s Sketchbook Delight class. Now I am not an artist, nor am I even an accomplished doodler, but I do like to draw and I don’t do it enough to improve my skills, which is the only way I know to get better at something…practice!Ā  Plus, I have acquired a ridulous amount of art supplies over the years and it seems a shame to not put them to use.

While I am on this journey, I do plan on sharing my experience with you, but you must promise not to judge.

For me, this class is a journey

A journey that is taking me down a path outside my comfort zone, and one that I am not going to give up on, even when it becomes frustrating and when I am not perfect at it. It’s significant that I share this journey with you and accept that I cannot be perfect at everything I do. The important part is not that I can imitate Alisa’s talent (I can’t), but that I push through any frustration and self-doubt I may have to keep at it.

Our first week of class started yesterday and I, being the good little student I am, got started on my homework right away. I spent some time getting to know some of those art supplies I’ve acquired.

by Dave_N1


  1. This is awesome! No judging here; I wish I had the courage to challenge myself like that. Can’t wait to see how you progress through the class, and how it makes you feel along the way. Thanks for sharing!

  2. michelle, I’ve actually checked that book out from the library before. I got discouraged right from the 1st exercise. šŸ™ thinking I might give it another shot with my new found attitude.

  3. Jennifer, Aimee, Stephanie, se7en & Jean, nice to meet some of my fellow classmates. Here’s to trying something new, getting back to something we used to do. šŸ˜‰ See you in class.

  4. I highly recommend the book “Drawing with the right side of your brain”
    The author talks about how we can’t draw because the left side of our brain wants us to draw quick symbols instead of what we actually see. Then she has a bunch of exercises that are designed to tune out the left side of your brain so you can draw with your right. Interesting read

  5. My husband signed me up!!! So that I would spend the summer doing more than just decluttering and planning our next school year!!! I can’t wait to get into it!!! Can’t wait!!!

  6. I am actually taking this class as well. I am definitely an amateur so no judgment here. Your sketches are really good. I want to play around a little more with water and the paint brush too. I actually prefer a pencil or marker but I think its neat the things you can do when you add water to some of the other tools out there. Really excited to see what the other weeks have in store.

  7. ooh i joined the class too – i haven’t sketched in ages. i used to (for school) but didn’t enjoy it all that much…so i’m hoping to discover an new found love of sketching. i think you have a great start – keep sharing! can’t wait to see more.

  8. I signed up for sketchbook delight also! I saw it when you posted about it the first time and fell in love with her sketchbook photos. Now I am just trying to figure out my own style. I am already loving some of the creative ideas from lesson 1. (and I already did my homework too šŸ™‚

  9. This post is so motivational! it actually makes me want to sign up for a dance class because this would be way outside my comfort zone

  10. Hi Jen, When you first posted that you were taking this class I was inspired and signed up too! I will be doing the class tonight and I cannot wait to get home from work and get started!! Thank you for sharing!! Jenn

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