Snowy Day

I know that, like me, many of you are getting tired of snow (and there’s more on the way), but I’m sure not tired of looking at pretty snow pictures.

Here’s just a sampling of the pretty snowiness I found on flickr.

P.S. Stay tuned for the release of issue #3 of Joie magazine tomorrow!

Guiding Light by Denyse Rizzo Photograph

Laughter by Cinnamon

I Had a Dream by honeypieLiving

by laura dye

by anniebee

by CatastropheWaitress

Elsie by Fleur de Nuit

by Cassie Robinson

by Danila Panfilov


  1. OK, two things I love about this post- the top photo is EXACTLY WHAT I WOULD WANT TO LOOK LIKE/BE DRESSED LIKE if I were going to have to go on a voyage in the snow (except, maybe with some tights), and the guy sitting on the tree stump reminds me of my BF- same look and style, and even the same taste in books…

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