As promised…sweet potato booze cake

sweet potato cake made with johnnie walker

sweet potato cake made with johnnie walker

The other night I needed a break from the computer. I’ve been working pretty hard for the last couple of weeks, without a lot of time away from ‘the screen’, so I needed a distraction. I also had some sweet potatoes that needed to be eaten up. I had baked a couple of giant sweet potatoes two nights before and we didn’t want yet another night of them, so I decided to cake a Sweet Potato Cake.

I went looking for recipes and it seemed that most of them involved booze of some kind….mostly rum and bourbon. Having neither, but having some Johnnie Walker scotch and a desire to mix booze and cake, I chose this recipe for Sweet Potato Bourbon Cake and substituted the bourbon with Johnnie Walker. It came out super moist,  and while you can’t taste the scotch it definitively adds a tanginess to the cake that makes it yumicious!

3 thoughts on “As promised…sweet potato booze cake

  1. one thing i will say about this cake, is it’s too sweet. the booze and sugar are just too much. I might experiment with ratios if i make it again.

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