Decorating with nature in the winter

I’m hard at work again today on issue #3 of Joie,  Constança Cabral from the blog Saidos da Concha is steping in for me.

By  guest contributor Constança Cabral

Having a bit of the outdoors inside your home is a good thing: it refreshes your decoration and connects you with nature. But how do you do this during Winter without spending a fortune at your local florist? Easy – just get out of the house (don’t forget your coat, gloves and secateurs) and look around you.

There are no flowers this time of year – but take a moment to notice all the bare trees. Aren’t they gorgeous with their branches trying to reach for the sky? No-one will resent you if you cut some twigs and bring them home. Put them in a jug of water and place it on the mantel, the hallway table or even the kitchen windowsill. Some branches are beginning to show buds, which means that in a few weeks they may burst open and reveal some leaves or even some delicate flowers.

Another way to use those twigs is by bending or plaiting them to make a curved shape – and in a few minutes you’ll have a lovely wreath to hang on your front door.

You can also resort to evergreens – a quick browse in your garden or the woods will reveal some shrubs and trees covered in furry or glossy leaves. Go ahead: snip some foliage and make use of it!

Finally, if you really can’t live without flowers, force some bulbs. Buy some paperwhite narcissi or hyacinths – or if you started the process of forcing them in the Autumn, simply bring them indoors to a warm room. In no time,  your home will be filled with the most exquisite scent and you’ll be able to face the remaining Winter months in a much better mood.

About the contributor: Constança Cabral is a 28-year-old Portuguese living in the UK. She and her husband moved to a lovely brick house in rural England 4 months ago. After living in Lisbon, Portugal, in a small apartment; their only neighbours now are cows, pheasants, rabbits and lots and lots of birds. Constança studied Law and History in university; however, 4 years ago she started sewing and hasen’t stopped since. She now works full-time making bags and other handmade goods and blogs almost everyday at You can see what she makes (and sells) in her Etsy shop at

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  1. I love the simple twig wreath, although the one beneath it is lovely as well- I have had the same wreath on my door for ages now, and would love to replace it with this harbinger of spring!!

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