Guest Blog: Indie Syle 101

I’m working on Joie today, so Victoria is stepping in with an Indie Style 101 post. If you want to put an outfit(s) together for Indie Style 101, drop me a line. Btw, thanks to Issuu for featuring Joie on its front page!

by guest contributor Victoria Hughes

Have you ever found a fabulous necklace that truly makes a statement, but aren’t sure how to wear it or if you could pull it off? Well, I am here to tell you that you can most certainly make it work! Fashion is all about confidence and finding your own personal style, so I have gathered some awesome indie items to show you just how to work a statement necklace into your own style, no matter how simple or classic it may be!

This look is perfect for a dinner date or an evening event. It is simple and elegant. The neutral color palette allows the deep plum purple of the necklace to sing. The ruffles of the necklace add a softer touch to the structured dress.

  1. statement necklace  from White Owl
  2. scalloped bag from French & English Confectioner’s
  3. city skyline dress from LaBronz

indie style 101 fern fringe

Like to dress more laid back and are you all about comfort? Well, this look is for you. The fringe of the necklace adds an extra visual interest for a casual ensemble. It also gives a pop of color and flare with ease, giving you the ability to dress as comfortably as you want and still look extremely fashion forward.

  1. fringe necklace from norwegianwood
  2. parakeet clutch from FA2U
  3. boots from Loucella Vintage
  4. floral skirt from Chariots Afire

For those with more minimalistic taste, this style is great for you. The color block dress allows the bag and necklace to take center stage. The accessories give a touch of color without making the look to complicated or busy.

  1. necklace from garden of eden designs
  2. dress from Riordan Roache
  3. bag from retrofied

About the contributor: Victoria Hughes is a student of fashion merchandising who loves sharing her creativity with others. You can read her blog & visit her shop to see some of her creativity.

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