Kitty momma

cat in elizabethan collar

I’ve been being a kitty momma this morning. I picked our new cat up from the vet early this morning, after her overnight stay after her spaying. She is doing well, but does not appreciate her Elizabethan collar at all; although, she finally gave in to exhaustion and went to sleep.

We still haven’t named her…so don’t forget to enter the kitty naming contest and help us out with your suggestions.


  1. I’ve had numerous kitties spayed/neutered and never put a collar on any of them. I say take it off and if there is a problem, put it back on. Kitties heal very quickly.

  2. Thank you all for sharing your good wishes. She is healing nicely…still doesn’t like wearing that collar.

    I think the vet is insane to say she should wear it for 2-3 weeks! I shooting for 5-7 days and then we will see how she is doing.

  3. Aww poor little kitten face. If she seems painful call the vet and ask them to give her some pain meds. Usually they don’t need much additional medication but some pets do, my kitten had a rough few days after her surgery.
    Luckily I work at a vet clinic (I’m a vet tech) and was able to just grab her some meds the next day at work.

    Congrats on being new kitty parents!

  4. I cant get over how much your new kitty looks like my cat! They could be twins! Mine was a boy, named Max. He was quite the diva!…err…divo?

    I love when pets have to wear “the cone of shame”! lol

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