A new kitty for us and a contest for you!

There’s been lots of changes for us in the Indie Fixx household this new year, one of them being our brand new kitty! She makes our third rescue cat as well as our third girl. She was found by Mr. Indie Fixx’s parents along the highway, injured and apparently abandoned. They nursed her back to health and we picked her up this past weekend to add her to our household. Needless to say, our house is in a bit of a turmoil until everyone gets to know each other!

We haven’t named her yet–we are just having trouble coming up with the right name. That’s where you come in. I thought it might be fun to have a kitty naming contest with a prize and everything. We get a name for our cat and you get a prize!

How to enter

Leave a comment with your suggestions. If we like one of your names, then you will win the prize. If no one offers up a name that seems to fit, then I will just choose a random commenter to receive the prize. This giveaway will end on January 14th at 11:59 pm EST.

Naming tips:

  1. She is a girl and has long black fur. She is more smokey-colored than jet black. She also has white whiskers, white paws, a white throat and a little white patch on her belly.
  2. Our other cats are named Pandora and Isabella.
  3. We like names that aren’t stereotypical cat names, so no Whiskers or Patches.
  4. We also prefer names that lend themselves to nicknames, i.e Isabella is mostly called Izzy, Izzy Girl & Isabelly.
  5. We like names that reference literature & history a lot.


Something for kitty and something for you!

  1. A winner’s choice cat collar from Pattern & Paw
  2. Love catnip toys from Travisina
  3. A winner’s choice small flower brooch/hair clip from Ododo Originals


  1. So pretty! I love black cats… names that come to mind are Emily, Sabbath, Lenora, Mystery, and Raven. Give her a cuddle for me πŸ™‚

  2. So beautiful! As soon as I saw her, “Tabitha” popped into my head. Whatever you name her, I am so glad you rescued her!

  3. I’ve been pondering this since you posted it, but then a friend and I got to talking about the Great Gatsby the other night. Somehow, DAISY stuck in my head. So, that’s my suggestion.

  4. I know it’s already been said a couple times (so I won’t win anything :P) but I think Athena would be perfect. It’s the best badass goddess I know of, and this kitty looks like a hunter.

  5. What a lovely giveaway. My suggestion is Elizabeth. I just saw the pictures of her wearing the Elizabethan collar. That lead me to the name. She could be Elizabeth III. Plus there is a famous Elizabeth in a rather lovely book by a certain Miss Austen. Like her Elizabeth your Elizabeth could be called Lizzie among friends. πŸ™‚

  6. Thank you for rescuing the lovely girl.

    What about Sassafras, Sassy for short. Or maybe Franziska and Franny could be her nickname.

  7. Gwendolyn (Gwen, doly, Lynn Lynn) or Gweneth(Gwen, nene ) and Edina (Eddy, edie, Dina, Nina ) πŸ™‚

  8. She’s so pretty! Congrats on the new addition! Here are my suggestions: Angelou, Adele, or Adelaide.

  9. I think the name Zelda is a good name for this cat. It’s rather bewitching and a little mischievous πŸ™‚
    Zelda was the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of such books as The Great Gatsby and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
    It is also the Princess from the Legend of Zelda, which isn’t literary so much as awesome πŸ˜‰

  10. She seems to be the color of cocoa, so for a play on words, Cocoa Chanel. She looks as though she has quite the fine tailoring and design of color to her “clothing” – just the right touch of ivory on the paws and beautiful long whiskers. Nicknames run the gamut from “CiCi” to the singular use of either of the two names or a combination with a shortening of the latter – Cocoa Chan.

  11. Lula Mae…that was Holly Golightly’s real name in Breakfast at Tiffany’s
    Millie…we have a kitty named Mille after the main character in Thoroughly Modern Millie…when she is in trouble we call her Millicent!

  12. Sabrina is what came to mind for me. We have 4 rescue kitties and cannot imagine our lives without them

  13. what an absolute love. I’ve always liked the name Reidun, which means Nest/Lovely in Norwegian.

  14. These might be too cutesy but Moo or Midnight come to mind. Nickname for Midnight could be Middy.

    Others, Cleopatra, Theodora, Octavia or Livia.

  15. 1.Eureka -Dorothy’s cat in Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz
    2.Cheetara- from the Thundercats (and ends with A like your other cats)-
    3.Alice – I don’t know, she’s got an Alice look.:)
    Alice just fell off in catland. Nicknames: CeCe, Elly
    4.Menina – means “girl” in portuguese. Nickname: Nina

  16. First thing I thought when I saw her was “Amelia”. I thing it goes quite well with Pandora & Isabella, too!

  17. Penthesilia – daughter of Ares (all cats secretly are children of gods of war, right?) and fell in love with Achilles on the battlefields of Troy. Black/white, war/love, I think you see my point.

    Unfortunately Penthesilia died young, and Penthe (‘panty’) or Silia (‘silly’) might not be the best nicknames…

  18. Gemini (Gemie for short)
    Madelaine (Maddie for short)
    Kiss (like the band because she’s black and white)
    Penelope Pussy cat (Pierre le Pew’s girl)

  19. I tend to name my animals Greek-ish names. It started with my dog Zoe, then Cleo (the best kitty ever, and a beautiful name). My wiener dog is named Pandora (<3!), and I have Cappie (a character from the show Greek), Trevor (Cupid's human name from the ill-fated show Cupid), and the newest addition is Cassiopeia, a tiny, little cat my vet tech friend fostered after she was dropped off hours after being born. We routinely call her Cassie, but she also gets called Cass, Cassio, Opie, and Peia. Also, since she grew up without siblings to teach her boundaries and manners, sometimes when she's being extra feisty, we call her Assie. 😑

  20. Congratulations on your new addition to your family!

    My first thought was Cleopatra. She seems to fit the description! Was thinking about Cats the musical and Jennyanydots, Victoria, Jellylorum, and Jemima came to mind also. Good luck!

  21. Our human found us on the street as well. Here are some names we suggested to her (she calls us Brat Cats so what does she know?):

    Collette (Coal for short)
    Anais (Nin…hey, you never know)
    Isis (Egyptian mythology, taught flax spinning and weaving. Seems fitting.)
    Athena (Greek goddess of weaving)
    Nike (Not just a sneaker but the Greek goddess of victory. The cat’s story is one of victory.)

  22. Eloise (elly, belly, wiggle, smelloise)
    Priscilla (scilly, scilla, scill, priscill)
    Annabell (bell, belly)
    Madeline (maddy, madelion)
    Wimble (wimbles, wimbly, wimmy)
    Olivia (ollie, liv, lewis)
    Beatrice <3
    Lyla (la la, ly)
    Edith (edie, ed, edweena)
    Gables (gabby, gabs)
    Maisie (zay, zores, maiz)

    hello to you and your kittens!

  23. Butterfield.

    Butters for short.

    The lady that held this moniker really was a Butterfield. She was a feisty old broad with tons of personality.

  24. Beautiful kitty! Some suggestions for names… Bastet she was a protective goddess in Egypt (had the head of a cat. Also known as Bast). Peridot (a green gemstone… because it reminds me of her eye’s). Good luck with her finding her name!!!

  25. She’s absolutely beautiful – she’s almost like my Taylor (named after Chuck Taylors b/c of her little white toes) except our baby has white on her nose, too… love those long white whiskers!!!
    How about Cordelia or Ophelia, from Mr. Shakespeare?

  26. My idea would be to call her Billie, in honor of the famous American vocalist, Billie Holiday. In terms of your naming criteria Billie provides a historical/cultural point of reference, is already in “nickname” form, and works well with the names of the other cats. Hopefully your new kitty will no longer be the “Lady Sings the Blues” now that she has a good loving home. πŸ™‚

  27. When I saw your beautiful new cat, I immediately thought of the night! Therefore, all my recommendations are along that vein:

    Lady Midnight (who also happens to be a night deity, although she was thought to scare children)

  28. She is beautiful! I had a cat just like her a few years ago. My cat had been abandoned at the back of a Macy’s store :o( I called her Macy!

    When I read your story and saw the photo the name Flotsam came to mind because she was found on the side of the road. If you want a J name you could also use Jetsam.

  29. She’s lovely, i wish i had a cat :).
    I have 4 suggestions. How about:
    – Margaret
    – Jane
    – Agatha
    – Madeleine

  30. Cruella (ok maybe not so good)
    Aretha (goddess of soul!)
    Luna (goddess of the moon)
    Lobelia (flower…I just like it)

  31. My favourite is Sophie! It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Sophia is “wisdom”. Sophia has many variant forms: Sofia, Sonia, Zofya, etc.
    And a hungarian form: Szaffi (Saffi). Szaffi is a cat in a hungarian cartoon.

    She looks like a Szaffi!!! πŸ™‚

    Good luck with her,
    Renata from Budapest,Hungary

  32. What a gorgeous kitty! I m’ a foster parent for little kittens of the RSPCA (her in Belgium) and have also 2 abandoned female cats of my own. One is called Toulouse, after a big city in France & famous french painter Toulouse-Lautrec. My kids mostly call her ‘Snooze’.

  33. That’s funny! I was going to suggest Isabella for this kitty before I read that you’ve already got one with that name! Here are my picks: Imogen, Marianne (as in Marianne Dashwood), Chloe, Esmeralda, and Violet. Good luck choosing a name!

  34. I think Kore.
    Kore is the daughter of the Greek goddess of the harvest who married Hades and later renamed herself Persephone. The cool thing is that Kore actually softened Hades up a bit, probably made him smile (Hades, smiling! No way!). She would travel back and forth between the Underworld and our world. When she’s here = summer. When she’s not here = winter. True story! πŸ˜€

  35. She looks like a Jane to me (as in Austen) She’s got a romantic look about her but a little mischievous too, like she’s plotting something, a great cat romance perhaps?

  36. Cosette! (she could be cici for short) the entire name is Euphrasie “Cosette” Fauchelevant from Les MisΓ©rables by Victor Hugo. and i think the novel has parallels to her tragic life story & her wonderful rescue!!

    or Sita from the Ramayana, no nickname needed

  37. I think she looks very wise. Sophronia means “wise” in Greek. Sophronia is a character in the epic poem Jerusalem Delivers. (Which, um, I just looked up. I haven’t read it. But I love the name.) Lends itself to the nickname Sophie…

  38. Esmeralda, because of her emerald eyes and it just sounnds pretty. Nicknames can be Emmy, Esme. etc. I was thinking and thinking and scrolled back up to the photo and the name popped into my head.

  39. What a sweet looking lady!

    I’d suggest Sheba {with her long fur she looks very regal!}. My in-laws had a sweet pup by that name who was often referred to as Shebs.

  40. The only name I can think of is Zazzles…from the episode of The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon gets cats. He call it Zazzy for short…not exactly historical. πŸ™‚

  41. I have an Izzie too! (And a Chleobella)

    Another zzz name but I think Jezzabel is a good name…Or Lucky Lu (nickname could be Lulu)

    At any rate, thank you for saving a life! She’s beautiful.

  42. Her eyes are so beautiful. Well, all of her is. A beautiful setting for those eyes. Which brings me to my name suggestion:

    Lizzy for Elizabeth.

    I have been meditating on the very great pleasure which a pair of fine eyes in the face of a pretty woman can bestow.
    Pride and Prejudice
    Darcy to Miss Bingley, Chapter 6.

  43. Scarlett O’Hara. Agatha Christie.
    Beezus (or Ramona!) Quimby!

    or Eustace Scrubb. I realize that was a boy in the Chronicles of Narnia, but it’s a great name. πŸ™‚

  44. What a very lucky kitty and such a heart warming story. Also, such a fun idea to find the right name!

    ok here it goes, I have a few. I hope that is ok, the more the merrier.

    My mom is hawaiian and has a habit for giving pets hawaiian names so here’s a few and their meanings.

    Hoku ( pronounced : Ho-kooo) meaning star
    Neolani (pronounced: Neyo-La-nee) meaning pretty girl from heaven, maybe (lani, or neo for short)

    Some of my favorites:

    Bahgeera(Baggy) the black panther from the jungle book
    Navaeh (Na-vay-ah) heaven spelt backwords
    Iris-goo goo dolls and because she has such beautiful green eyes

    Goodluck x

  45. Hailing from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”… One of my favorite names springs from her adorable kitten… Dinah! I have always pictured the lit-kit to have a thick, gorgeous coat and a twinkle in her eye. It has a whimsical feel to it and isn’t terribly common! Good luck naming your new girl!

  46. such a pretty feline! when i saw here i thought she looked like a Giselle and as for nicknames there is gigi, zelly, zella…

    i know the ballet is hauntingly beautiful and melancholy but i think this Giselle will have many a happy kitty lives.

  47. Maybe it’s the sable-ish coat, but she looks like a Russian name would suit her – Natasha or Sofia perhaps.

  48. She looks so beautiful, elegant and black & white, the first name that came to my head was “Audrey”(Hepburn)… She looks like she would fit right in, munching cat biscuits for breakfast at Tiffany’s πŸ™‚

  49. Little women is great literature: Louisa or Josephine could be good names with nickname potential

    Estella – as in great expectations

    My cat is Lucinda, which i personally think is the best name for a cat.

    Congrats on the new kitty

  50. Adorable!

    To me she looks like an:

    Eleanor (inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt)
    Winifred (inspired by the main character in the book “Tuck Everlasting”)

    plus! Ellie or Winnie are both mega-cute nicknames!

  51. What a beautiful kitty! Minerva is a suitably lovely and literary name. And you could call her “Minny” for short!

  52. She’s so pretty!!!
    I have some ideas…

    Luna.. (nickname- lulu)
    Lovenia (nickname- Love)
    Bonita.. (Bo or Bonnie)
    Rhea.. (named for a greek titan because she’s strong and a survivor)

    I may post again bc I love naming cats! yay! πŸ™‚


  53. What a pretty kitty!

    I have two suggestions:

    Cleopatra – Fits with her long dark hair, and Cleopatra was Egyptian, and Egyptians were one of the first, if not the first, people to domesticate cats. “Cleo” is a great nickname!

    Persephone – Less explanation, but I think it would fit well with your other kitties.

  54. hmmm… how about sylvia (as in plath). she had a rough life, just like miss kitty’s started out. luckily your kitty has moved onto greatness!

  55. I think she looks like a Penelope! I love the name Penelope. I wouldn’t name MY pet that because if we ever have a daughter Penelope will be her name!

  56. She is precious! Congrats on the adoption:-) My vote is for either:
    Juliet (nickname – Julie, Jules) or Sandrine ( she reminds me of a friend from France that has salt and pepper hair!)
    Good Luck with her.

  57. Aww what a gorgeous kitty πŸ™‚ I’m a kitty mamma myself and have been nursing a poorly kitty over the holidays, so good to see that your new addition is healthy and happy after her ordeal πŸ™‚

    My friend’s daughter is called India, and they call her Indie for short…ok so it’s not related to literature at all, but I think it’s really pretty and could be quite apt for a kittie from the Indie Fixx household!! Indie Cat πŸ™‚

    Good luck with your naming quest, looking forward to see what you choose xxxx

  58. Cleo…Cleopawtra, Clee Clee
    Laila…LL Cool Cat
    Highway…maybe spelled cuter!
    my favorite is Cleo, I think it matches her long hair and striking eyes

  59. I like Sloe. It sounds soft and pretty (like her fur), and describes her smoky/dark color. You can call her “Sloie”.

    She’s beautiful! A nice addition to your family.

  60. she is so sweet- I love those whiskers! I am not the best at naming: My kitty is named Catalina…get it? CAT-alina? haha…traaaaagic πŸ˜‰

    I can’t wait to see what the more clever people come up with!

  61. Hello!
    I really like your other kitty’s names so I went with something with “a” ending.
    I think either Helena or Aurora would be very nice…(also feminine and easy to make nick names with).
    Love your new kitty!

  62. bless your heart- we rescue cats too.

    With those absolutely stunning eyes on that girl, I think Sunny would be very appropriate

  63. You could call her Artemis, named for the Greek Goddess of the hunt. Homer called her “Artemis of the Wildland, Mistress of Animals.”

    And her nickname could be Arty!

  64. I like “Nyx” – the Greek primordial goddess of the night, born from Chaos. Her dark, smoke color and pretty green eyes make me think of foggy nights by the water. She could be “Nixie”!

  65. What a lovely kitty! I very much want a cat of my own, but for now that’s not an option… πŸ™‚

    As for a name, hmm! Can we submit more than one? Charlotte, Persnickety (not at all related to history or literature, I will admit), Nicolette.. oh, I can’t think of more.

    But she is a lovely kitty, I will tell you that! πŸ™‚

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