Happy Christmas To All!

It’s the day before Christmas and all through the blog, not a blogger was working, not even a bit. Our stockings are hung, but the cookies aren’t even done. St. Nick will soon be here, but not before I can get these presents wrapped and all the other gear. And soon the family will arrive with visions of a Christmas brunch in their heads, I better get started on the meal as quick as I can!

Happy Christmas to all and to all please enjoy these Christmas treats from flickr!

by lilfishstudios

by dsgndbyrj

by Jeanknee

by small::bird

by small::bird

by small::bird

by Gigi & Big Red

by ADKnits ADKnits

by seamsoflife

by Sidsel Sorensen

by PlanetCoco Kirsty Neale

by PlanetCoco

by lilfishstudios

by mayalu

by homemadegrits

by Isabel Pavía

by abbytrysagain

by PlanetCoco

by Bonjour Hello


  1. Great picks! The stockings my mom made for my sisters and I are all getting really beat up. We don;t even put them on display anymore, and have been thinking of making new ones. There is some beautiful inspiration here, thank you!

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