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Handmade Holidays: recycled paper trees - Indie Fixx
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Posted by on Dec 21, 2010 in Christmas, Handmade Holidays, Winter Holiday Crafts | 3 comments

Handmade Holidays: recycled paper trees


by guest contributor Rebekah Apotre

While watching  some of my favorite Christmas movies, I’ve made a few quick and cute holiday decorations from old greeting cards and magazines–two things that everyone has laying around the house. For this project you’ll need:

Materials and Supplies:

glue gun or craft glue
magazine’s, old greeting cards, scrap booking paper even old wrapping paper or paper grocery bags would work – I used some pages out of Boho Magazine because they are sturdy, made of nice matte paper and have pretty prints
a marker or dark pen
ornament hooks- optional if you want to hang this as an ornament

step 1. Start by drawing a Christmas tree on your scrap paper to make a template to work from. I think it looks cute to draw one that is slightly a-symmetrical to give your tree a Charlie Brown effect. Just make sure the bottom of the tree is a straight line.

Step 2. Cut out two trees–you can use contrasting papers or matching ones. I used the covers of the magazine and some old greeting cards because they are sturdy enough to stand up.

Step 3. On one tree, cut a slit down the middle of the tree about half way down from the top of the tree. While on the other tree, cut a slit  half way down the middle of the tree from the bottom.

Step 4. Fit the two trees together matching up the slits you cut. You should now have 1 tree with 4 sides. Since you cut the bottoms of the trees straight across, your creation should stand up on its own.

Step 5. Use a glue gun or craft glue to secure all the pieces. Just small dots of glue should work.

Optional: Use glitter spray paint to make these little trees especially festive.

I made trees in a few different sizes and these will be our Christmas tree this year. Happy holiday crafting!

About the contributor: Rebekah Apotre sells quirk &, sassy clothing and accessories in her etsy shop, She Loves Me Not Clothing Company. She also blogs at Craft Fiend.


  1. I JUST did something like this with my class this year. Additional tip: Stick a popsicle stick inside. Put it at just the right level and you can then put the tree atop a mini clay pot filled with candy. Voila–instant Christmas tree gift.

  2. Thanks for the great idea! I love paper recycling crafts. I’m going to do this project with my kids.

  3. how simple but beautiful.

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