Handmade Holidays: A Snowy Home Embroidery Pattern


by guest contributor Felicity Snyder

Here’s a special embroidery pattern just for Indie Fixx readers from the Stanley Moons team. We at Stanley Moons are hand embroidery fiends and  love to create special items for folks. Design, color and craft are so important. These are the things that surround you and they must engage you, make you smile, maybe even give you a good daydream.

The A Snowy Home pattern is sweet and silly and quirky and modern. I traced the pattern onto muslin with a fabric pen and stitched away. If you need some embroidery basics help, I recommend the Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Needlework for embroidery help.

Download the pattern HERE and happy stitching!

About the contributor: Felicity is part of the Stanley Moons family (literally we’re all family). She has two wonderful kiddos, a sweet thoughtful hubby named Brian (also a designer and Stanley Moons team member), a great mom (the other Stanley Moons team member), and a 1960s ranch house in Tempe, Arizona. She loves mid-century modern design, pop culture, movies, junking, silliness and making wonderful things for her family and others to enjoy. She didn’t go to school for art (she studied English and Biology) but loves to create.


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