Handmade Holidays: diy bookmarks


I am making a lot of my gifts this year. The sucky economy, and an ever growing circle of peeps that I want to gift to, has led me to come up with a bunch of plans for making many of my gifts this year.  Like these quick and easy bookmarks I made the other day. I bought some stamps at the craft store (40% off, thank you) and some nifty silver cardstock. I added some baker’s twine for a tassel and I think I ended up with some fun stocking stuffer gifties.

handmade diy bookmarks for holiday gifts


  1. thanks! they were beyond simple too. the silver paper really made them though. it makes them a little bit **fancy**.

  2. I’m getting extra crafty as well! My mother-in-law pawned an entire roll of sturdy kraft paper off on me, and it’s perfect for stamping and creating gift tags! I’ve been using a round scalloped punch & stamps, along with hemp twine for a natural-y, woodsy feel:)
    I love the bookmarks–they really are so darn useful (esp if someone’s like me & reads five books at once!)

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