Handmade Holidays: easy, cheap & green decorating ideas


Last week, while resting my knee (I had some torn cartilage in my knee that I got from dancing my butt off the week before), I made several pom-pom garlands from yarn that was just taking up space. It’s pretty inexpensive, and not to mention eco-friendly, to use up leftover craft materials.

I did have to make sure and place them up high though, because both cats go CRAZY for yarn!

holiday decor ideas - homemade pompom garland

handmade pom-pom garland for the holidays

I also filled vases and jars with greenery from the yard to add some color and pine smell, since we are not having a tree in the house this year. I’m placing the little mason jars in nooks and corners all around the house to add some whimsy and surprise.

Nothing is as easy and cheap as using found materials and old glass jars to decorate with either. I’m going to head over to our local state park to see what else I can find on the floor of the forest, once my knee is all better, that is.

holiday decor ideas - greenery in a vase


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