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2011 calendars

camilla engman 2011 illustrated calendar

I’m officially starting my 2011 calendar coverage today. I have calendars all over my house. I do seem to have trouble remembering the date and the day of the week, but more importantly, I like any excuse to have art on my walls that changes every month! What’s better than that? Maybe Trader Joe’s Cherry Chocolate Chip Soy Creamy frozen desert, but not much else I tell you. So leading up to the new year, I will sharing plenty of calendars with you because I know you share my love of knowing what day of the week it is along with my love of illustration and pretty things!

The first calendar I’m highlighting is really starting things off right, if I do say so myself, and it’s from artist Camilla Engman. Camilla is a Swedish illustrator and painter and in addition to creating her own work for sale, she is also available for commission (she has worked with The New York Times, Converse and Google among others).   Like her other work, Camilla’s 2011 Calendar is hauntingly beautiful and is the kind of calendar that you frame the images from after the year is over! You can see more of it  + buy it here. Plus, Camilla has very generously offered up 3 calendars for a giveaway for you Indie Fixx readers.

Win your own copy!

Visit Camilla’s website and leave a comment on this post with your favorite(s) work by Camilla to win one of her 2011 calendars. I will randomly pick three commenters who will each win a calendar. This giveaway will end Wednesday, November 24th at 11:59 pm EST. The winner will be notified via email, so make sure to check your inbox (as well as your spam folder) after November 24th.

Btw, I recently featured Camilla’s home for A Peek Inside: indie home tours.

camilla engman 2011 illustrated calendar


  1. Congrats to Ana from Slovenia, Barbara from Germany and Mavis from Australia for each winning a copy of Camilla’s 2011 calendar!

  2. woops, the icecream distracted me, but I have been an avid reader of Camilla’s blog for years now and have always admired her work. And her painting The adventure is one of my favourites 🙂

  3. oh, would I even love to win Camilla’s calander, couldn’t be happier if this were the first giveaway I get picked 🙂

    ps: otherwise you’ll have to tell me where to get Trader Joe’s Cherry Chocolate Chip Soy Creamy frozen desert… mmmm…

  4. I think of Camilla’s blog as a work of art. I have been reading it for 2 or 3 years, and I love the way she puts it together. Her collections really speak to me, as well. Also, love the deer print on the tea towel

  5. Every piece is just beautiful, I have loved her work for soooo long, but my favourite is probably ‘Kiss and Tell’ and anything featuring Moran.
    Thanks for the give-away!

  6. I really need a new calendar, the old one has gotten a bit scruffy ; ) No, I like Camilla’s work a lot and this calender would look good in my place I think…

  7. I love all her work but my favorite is probably “Leaving behind” . Love the give away, I’m SO crossing my fingers 🙂

  8. i love camilla’s style–my favorites of hers are Hotelroom traces, Smokers in the neighborhood, and Argonauta — thanks so much for the opportunity to receive one of her calendars!

  9. Your illustration are so “irealistic “, j’aime l’ambiance…; & thank you for “The Rose of Jericho”,…and much more.

  10. I think i love all of Camilla’s work but right now i’m in love with the book she made with Elisabeth, “The Life of Mr. Mustache”.

  11. The work of Camilla is very inspiring! I like her paper on paper art, especially the “Lost and Lonely” series.

  12. Oooh, it’s really hard to pick just one of Camilla’s works because she’s fabulous.

    I have her hairy lady tea towel on the wall above me at work right now, Mr Mustache in the studio at home… but I think my very favorite is Krakatoa, one of her collaborations with Elizabeth Dunker at Studio Violet. It faces the entry to my office and makes me really happy every time I see it.

  13. love all illustrations by CE! one of my favorites is the poster for the film festival–the one where the woman is smoking surreptitiously with a third hand…xoxo

  14. i like the characters, the colors and the texture of camillas paintings and works so i would like to have such a georgious calendar!

  15. Love absolutely everything by CE! especially the poster for the film festival–the one with the woman surreptitiously smoking with a third hand….xoxo

  16. I’ve been following Camilla’s work for a while now and LOVE it! One of my recent favourites is “The Oarswoman”.

  17. i LOVE her work! currently i´m thinking about getting her SUITCASE SERIES book… looks like there´s so much in there to discover. of course i would beyond thrilled about this amazing giveaway!

  18. Camilla’s work is beautiful, I would love to own her calendar. I think my favourite work is from her collaboration in Studio Violet, I always loved the teacups and saucers – gorgeous.

  19. So many beautiful works, I really liked “Here I am still waiting’, ‘Never”, and my absolute favorite ‘Smokers in the Neighborhood”.

  20. Wow! I love her work! I really like her illustrations… I think they’re called “torg” and “teapot”. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  21. Super liking all of her illustrations… but my most favorite is the one of the little girl in the red cape/hood heading towards “perfection”. Love!

  22. So hard to pick a favourite, but I do adore the cat on the Studio Violet collaboration, and am drawn to the painting with the lady in her slip and the doggy just peeking up from the bottom of the picture (remins me of my dog), and the arctic fox (paper) that reminds me of the Ted Hughes poem.

  23. I love Camilla’s work. I’ve been following her for a while. So, other than her dog Morran, I love her suitcase series book. I also love the painting “Waiting for the snow-blindness.”

  24. It’s so tough to choose a favorite, though I have to admit I fell in love with her paper on paper, “Dogfart” the moment I saw it. 🙂 (Although “Lost and Lonely 4” would look perfect in that blank spot on the wall I’ve been trying to fill.)

  25. I love Camilla’s paintings, especially “Water” and “The old house”. thank you so much for the giveaway! 🙂

  26. I love the “Can we dance” Tea Towel
    That colour matches my kitchen.
    Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  27. “The Old House” is my favorite although all her work is wonderful and clever. I also love “Baby where are you?”

  28. WOW! Her work is amazing! Thank you for featuring her!!.. Also, I think if I had to pick a favorite it would be either “Solicitude” or “The Gift” (I couldn’t decide, her work is just so different and wonderful)

  29. Wow! I love these calendars! I think one of my favorites (it was hard to narrow it down) was under illustrations “I think it says this is life calling” with the blue background and the lovely flowers! (:

  30. One of the many works of Camilla’s illustrations I adore is the illustration that portrays birds on branches of a tree that artistically complements the smokey-blue sky. The illustration is very interesting. I personally enjoy the illustration due to its nature theme! 🙂

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