Starting the day off right…a tasty breakfast

kasha breakfast

Thought I’d share my breakfast from this morning with you.  I’m not a big breakfast person, but I am trying to eat it more regularly and make better breakfast choices.  More fruit + more whole grains.

So, this morning I made kasha (buckwheat groats), which is easy to make and nice and warm on a cold November morning. It’s a lot like oatmeal, but it has a nuttier flavor to it. And, all I did was to add some raisins, a little bit of brown sugar & cinnamon to the kasha and topped it with leftover fried apples from the other night’s dinner. To make fried apples, just slice up some apples, saute them in a little butter until soft and add cinnamon. We (mr. indie fixx and I) also had a slice of pumpernickel bread topped with pecan butter. To make pecan butter: chop some pecans in a food processor and add butter and a little bit of maple syrup. That should hold us until lunch!

How about you, what did you have for breakfast? I hope you made yourself something else besides a bowl of fruit loops or just had a cup of coffee…you deserve it!


  1. Every day I have seasonal fruit with vanilla greek yogurt and Udi’s Hawaiian Granola. It’s so yummy I never get tired of it!

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