Scrapbustin’ Holiday Gift Ideas

by guest contributor Shrie L. Spangler

Times are tough, the penny continually needs to be pinched, and the economy isn’t showing any real signs of improvement. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t bust out some seriously rad handmade gifts for a little less than you expected this year.

Giving handmade doesn’t mean schlocking together a pine cone wreath for Aunt Nelda, and it doesn’t have to break the proverbial bank. Here are some DIYs that I like to call “scrapbusters”. Get rid of some inventory, create something amazing and save a few bucks in the process! Golden.

Replay Ground’s shirt cuff wallet is the ultimate in upcycling and lends itself well to a bit of customization. Bonus points if you make it out of a special shirt that is too worn to wear or doesn’t fit anymore. Your giftee will love it!

The jump rings, pin backs and clasps you need for this elegant upcycled earring necklace from Doe-c-Doe are pretty cheap and it’s possible that you have the rest of the materials and tools lying around your house. All that this project requires is just a little re-purposing, a smidgen of glue and a bit of finesse.

Confession: I have a bag of dusty tshirts stowed away in a closet awaiting some crafting epiphany that I’m sure I’ll have in the future. I’m almost certain some of you do too, and this Ruffles and Stuff sassy apron tutorial might just do the stash-bustin’ trick!

You only have to do a little thrifting (or burrowing into the backs of your kitchen cabinets) to find some really beautiful, or chintzy, cups and saucers for this gift-giving DIY. Kate’s teacup candles are so pretty and delicate, incredibly useful and would be such a sweet surprise to receive as a gift. Personalize it with the scent of your choice, wrap it up all purty and you’ve got yourself a gift.

Just as cheery to make as they look, and a fab use of fabric scraps, Vanessa Christenson’s colorful bunting garland banners are amazing decoration for a nursery, bedroom or any room in need of a little pep. They can be made in holiday-themed colors and fabrics, or with random swatches of fabric for a whimsical look. My festive wedding banner tutorial is along the same lines… these things have so many uses!

Every house has a cook… or at least someone who does the majority of the cooking. In my house, fortunately, it’s my lovely and ever-talented husband. These oven hand mitts by The Idea Room would be a super gift for any home cook. Mix up the fabrics and get a little crazy an see what you come up with!

Don’t see a project that suits your DIYin’ fancy? Keep reading savvy crafters…

  1. Little Birdie Plush
  2. Zippered Throw Pillow – You could totally get fancy with this and add some embroidery, felt shapes or pom pom string around the edge!
  3. Fabric Covered Beads – Necklace or keychain anyone?
  4. Sweetheart Pin Cushion
  5. Fabric Pumpkin – Door stop? Holiday decor?
  6. Drawstring Bag – Give it a theme: overnight bag, shoe bag, wedding accessories bag… oh the possibilities.
  7. Needlebook
  8. Dad Tie
  9. Rolled Hem Handkerchiefs – Darling!

About the contributor: Shrie L. Spangler is one of the latest Indie Fixx interns. When she’s not doing story research, coordinating projects and coming up with posts, Shrie writes over on her blog, Lo & Behold. She also writes at guerrilla candy and at another rainy saturday. And she’s got her own Etsy Shop. She’s one busy lady.


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