Indie Fixx Book Club: Juliet, a review and some handmade finds

indie fixx book club

by guest contributor Chedva Kleinhandler

Do you know those books? The kind you open and can’t seem to close until you have reached the very last word? Anne Fortier’s Juliet is one of those. So much so, that although I read it for work, I went on reading it for an entire holiday two years ago. Guess how psyched I was to see it was finally published a few months ago?

After the passing of her aunt Rose, Julie Jacobs discovers her name is actually Julietta Tolomei and she is a descendant of another Julietta Tolomei, the real Juliet from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. It all starts with an old key to a box her mother apparently left for her before she died in a tragic accident. Julie, a sneakers and t-shirt kind of gal, is swept away to romantic Siena to find out about her heritage. She writes down the clues she finds in her notebook (a mistake, it will become apparent as the plot continues), consults with the Bard’s phrases, meets a mysterious dark stranger on a Vespa and transforms into a gown-wearing Julietta– but is that who she really is? Can she stay true to herself and her heritage? And why do people keep chasing her in the streets of Siena?

Well, it’s not the most sophisticated fiction ever to be written, but Juliet is definitely a fun read to let you unwind and engage in a breathtaking plot. It’s like a girly, more intelligent version of  The Da Vinci Code.

Here are some handmade goodies Juliet inspired me to find:

vintage italian key- pompombazar, trusty chuck necklace- SparklePeach, Search Discover Share notebook- CampfireChic, Shakespeare leather bound set- DovieMoon, Vespa fine art print- elgarboart, Siena street scene print- ronguld studios, vintage contrade postcard- ebay, wedding gown- weddingdressfantasy,hammered gold wedding band- Noa Sharon Design.

I hope you will enjoy this book as I did!

About the contributor: Chedva Kleinhandler is a translator and manuscript reader in Israel, she blogs about lifestyle and home decor at Belly’s Button and is about to become an interior design student.


  1. I have had this book for awhile and started reading this morning while I was ‘forcing’ my class or Remedial Reading to read. Sadly I had no more time for it today but reading your review makes me want to run back to school and get it!

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