Bunting: gettin’ festive

It’s all the rage and has been all the rage for some time now on the Interwebs. I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but it was some time ago. In a word, b-u-n-t-i-n-g happened. Or pendants, banners, garlands, flags or whatever you choose to call them.  I think it’s pretty safe to say that the Internet is decorated with bunting.

I, for one, am happy to have the Internet (and my life) decorated with bunting. As I type this, I can see 1…2…3…4…of them draping my office and since they are easy to make and ubiquitous to boot, I’m sure that I will end up with more!

How about you? Are you caught up in the bunting craze? Got bunting? Want more? Want to know more about them, how to make them, what to use the for? Read Polly Conway’s article in Issue #2 of Joie. She shares some how-to’s, tips, history + more.  You can click the image below to read the article or click here. It starts on page #16.

Read the rest of Joie – If you like it consider paying $1.99 for it.

A word about Polly. She is a crafter and writer who writes regularly for ReadyMade’s craft blog, Make Nice, and has contributed to ManMadeDIY, Indie Fixx, Etsy’s The Storque, as well as her own blog, The Firefly Express.  She also has her own shop and I personally think her Cha-Cha Rings are the bee’s knees.

I also want to mention Fritha Strickland who did the art for ‘Bunting: gettin’ festive’. Fritha is professional illustrator and general maker of cute things. She has contributed to the Feed Your Soul Project and I am a fan of her work. It makes me smile. You can see more on her blog and in her shop (and below).

And finally, if you like Joie, please consider paying $1.99  for it.


  1. I couldn’t agree more! Anyone who knows me, has read my blog or looked at my shop will know that I’m a smidgen bunting-crazed. Everyone needs bunting in their lives!
    And as far as paying $1.99 for Joie I absolutely agree there too, it’s SO worth it.

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