Say Boo and Scary On!

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I’m not a spooky Halloween person. What I mean is I’m not necessarily into the scarier  aspects of Halloween. Don’t get me wrong, I do like Halloween, but I’m more likely to dress up like a bee than an axe murderer. I do like me some bats, vampires, ghosts and zombies, but as long as they are cute and don’t have blood dripping off of them. I don’t like haunted houses, scary stories or things that go bump in the night, but I love candy, costumes and the traditions of Halloween.  I know that the history of Halloween and our present day celebration of it is all about spooky & scary stuff–and it’s kind of silly to think about celebrating Halloween without spooky stuff–but I just don’t go in for the really spooky, scary or gory stuff. Some people just don’t do scary…and I am one of them.  But you,  you “Say Boo and Scary On!”

Here are some last minute Halloween decorating ideas and printables that I found for you. Yes, they are all cute!

Halloween Mini Bunting
Cupcake Toppers for Halloween
Halloween Decorations from A Fanciful Twist

Halloween Candle Wrappers
Spooky Letter Garland
Halloween Fabric Wall Art

Zentangle Pumpkin
Halloween Banner
Pumpkin Lace Vase

Ghostie Banner
Bats at the Door
Decorating from Wise Craft


  1. Hi Jen, thank you so much for including my little printable cupcake toppers, I’m happy you liked them and you and all your readers are welcome to download for free!
    I’m with you about the spooky aspects of Halloween… Furthermore I’m Italian and here in Italy Halloween is not a deep tradition but more a recent fashion, so I’m kind of not very familiar with it… In the case of those cupcake toppers, particularly, they are part of the decor for the party of a 5 years old girl, so I totally wanted to avoid anything less than cute!
    (Should you want to have a look to how the party came out, I’ll soon have some pretty photos on my blog…)

    I love those cute little ghost guys in the garland here above: adorable!


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