Halloween No-carve Pumpkins

halloween no carve pumpkins

I’m not so much into carving pumpkins, but I do love to decorate them, so I put together a round-up of no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas.

{{left to right}} Hedgehog Light Pumpkins ~~~ Toadstool Pumpkins ~~~ Painted Gourds ~~~ Cinderella Pumpkin ~~~ Lite Brite Pumpkins ~~~ Skewer Hors d’œuvre Pumpkin ~~~ Pumpkin Votives ~~~ Glittery Pumpkins ~~~ Painted Modernist Pumpkin ~~~ Painted and Etched Pumpkins ~~~ Painted Leaf Art ~~~ Washi Tape Pumpkins ~~~ Button Pumpkins ~~~ Button Pumpkins ~~~ Metallic Pumpkins


  1. Where do you find the things to decorate the pumpkins with? I’m not into the carving aspect of pumpkins either, but would like to decorate a pumpkin. I’m on a budget though 🙁

  2. LOVE the gold spray painted pumpkins and the white stripe ones! Martha Stewart had some glittery pumpkins at Michael’s last year which were also fabulous, but it was a kit to make them and I just wanted to buy the finished product. Who has time (and the clean up time) to coat an entire pumpkin in glitter?

  3. I got gourds this year which can’t be carved (or maybe they’re just small pimply pumpkins), but after looking at them all plain for a few days that I will want to do something nice and creative with them!

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