Feed Your Soul: the free art project from Carla Thursday

feed your soul free printable art

The latest Feed Your Soul: the free art project Monday download is from Carla Thursday and called Side A. Love it!

Carla Thursday- Carla is an eccentric redhead, once upon a time leg doodler, guerrilla artist, lomographer & wannabe zine author, who would not presume to speak about herself in third person in real life. She is entirely self-taught & usually draws her inspiration from her dreams. Her art employs precise realism contrasted by explosions of colour, collage & detailed stitching & evokes themes of childhood, dreaming & happiness. She is currently publishing two zines & illustrating a childrens picture book by Meme Rene. You can see more of her work on her website and on her Blog.

Download Carla’s print HERE!

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