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What's cuter than a cupcake? Cake Pops + a Giveaway - Indie Fixx
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Posted by on Oct 15, 2010 in Books, Contests | 94 comments

What’s cuter than a cupcake? Cake Pops + a Giveaway


I have a super sweet treat for you today…seriously. I was recently sent a copy of Bakerella’s new book, Cake Pops by Bakerella: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for Irresistible Mini Treats (Chronicle Books), for a giveaway. Angie of Bakerella has made Cake Pops the best new thing since cupcakes, and that is saying something!

So, get in on the action by reading more about Cake Pops on Bakerella, buying the book and/or entering to win your own copy.

How to enter!

Leave a comment on this post about how cute you think Cake Pops are and list a fave design or two (or more).  I will choose one random commenter to win a copy of the book. This giveaway will end October 22nd at 11:59  pm EST.


  1. as if a cupcake wasn’t cute enough!?! a tiny cupcake on a stick is even cuter!

  2. I love these! How great for a kids’party!!

  3. I love the pumpkins and the little chickies! I’m looking for sweet treat ideas to bring in to work for the fall holidays. Those pumpkins would be perfect. :)

  4. Great giveaway! I LOVE the mummy ones – they are totally cool (and I bet they taste good, too!).


  5. I’ve always loved the little chicks. I’ve been following her for a while and it would be great to have a couple of our local gal’s book.

  6. Oh my gosh. This may be the cutest thing I’ve seen… well in as long as I can remember. I personally like the mini cupcakes and the Rudolph ones… but having to choose between cuteness goodies is rather difficult :)

  7. The little robots are adorable!

  8. Adorable! This book would make a great gift. The cupcake pops are so cute.

  9. I love these! My sister-in-law bought cake balls for my bridal shower!!!!! I am going to make the pumpkins for Halloween! But my favorite is the the little chickies!!!

  10. Nom Nom Nom! I want to make these for my wee ones! Any of them! Okay I really just want to eat them myself…

  11. How great. Cake pops are such a great idea for a give away on birthdays and markets and where ever. Thank you for the post. Since even cup cakes are not very popular in Germany. I love the little cake – cake pops, ;-))
    Best Antje

  12. omg! I hate you for introducing me to these absolutely adorable things!!! Now I will have to spend hours baking this weekend….. grr….

    I LOVE THEM! Here are my picks
    -Winnie the Pooh and Hunny Too <3
    -Sheep Cake Pops
    -Turkey Pops
    -Hello Kitties!

  13. Those are so sweet you could just eat them up. Ok, I know… But it had to be said. And guess I won’t be the only one saying it… And I probably got it wrong, seeing that English is not my first language…

    Anyway, these are so cute and, even more so, fun! I just learnt about cake pops yesterday I thought it was such a charming idea. Kids and adults alike would be delighted to be given one of those. I like cake better than candy but would like to get it in more of a single bite size. Cake pops seems to be just the thing I’m looking for!

    The cats (Hello Kitty & Halloween) are really, really, really cute! But somehow — owning 8 living ones — I wouldn’t be able to eat a cat… Even if it is a cake.

  14. I love the wedding cake pops! How cute would those be for a bridal shower! Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. I’ve loved Bakerella’s cake pops forever! Although mine haven’t ever turned out as cute as hers. Those mummies are sure cute. Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. These all look wonderfully delicious. I love anything that can be made with a holiday theme. The jack o lanterns are adorable :)

  17. I really like the cupcakes too

  18. and the chics would look really good in an Easter basket

  19. Ooo, I’ve been drooling over this book! I love all of her creations but the cupcake pops have a special place in my heart.

  20. I’ve been following Bakerella for a while now, and I was so excited when she announced her book deal! I’d love to buy a copy and support her, but (unfortunately) I don’t have the funds. I think her recent “Ms. Potts” Beauty and the Beast inspired pops are just adorable! But the Halloween pops are perfect for the season and would be a hit with the kids in my family! Great giveaway!

  21. These are so cute! Never got the cake-on-a-stick thing but this has sold it to me! Love the chicks. Take cake making and baking to a whole new teeny tiny level!

  22. hands down the robots are the best!

  23. Wow how cute is that recipe book!!! My little Max would go crazy for some… sorry… all of those!! Yummy!

  24. My mom turned me on to bakerella! I really like the sesame street ones! They’re so cute! But all of them are real cute!

  25. I am such a Bakerella nerd. I love the new Ms. Pots that Ang last posted about I can’t wait to meet her in NY. My kid loves cake pops and so does the husband. I love to make naughty cake pops for my adult only parties! Yum.

  26. Wow! What a great idea – they look so gorgeous… especially love the chickens and the sheep.

  27. I love the sweet little chicks!

  28. Oh how I love Bakerella and I’ve been meaning to make her Pokemon themed pops for my kids for ages. I love the simple, non-themed pops the best though.

  29. The chicks are the cutest thing ever!! They’re so round and adorable!! <3 I love to bake and look forward to making some of these!

  30. Cake Pop! So Damn Cute!!!!!!

  31. My fav is the cupcake pops. My daughter is a huge sprinkle fan and there are so many sprinkle opportunities with the cupcake pop!

  32. Bakerella is great, I’ve been following her site for a while. The Sesame Street cake pops are the cutest!

  33. Ohhh –I love those simple pink ones –looks like cotton candy! Yum!

  34. Those little chicks are super, super cute!

  35. I adore cake pops; nothing is better than cake that comes with its own utensil. Favorite designs? Anything Halloween related.

  36. The owls are my favorites, but I also really liked the pumpkins and mummies. These would be cute for every holiday and now that they make sugar free cake and frosting I can eat one or two.

  37. omg, I LOVE Bakerella’s website! These are the best treats for parties and not just for kids. Those duck/chicks are the cutest things ever – I just need a baby shower to come up so I have an excuse to make those.

  38. I just love the cupcakes~ They are just too sute :3

  39. Oh, I love the little mummys!

  40. Too cute. I love the little pumpkins, i can imagine all kinds of fruits as cake pops, apples, oranges? how about water melon or boiled eggs?

  41. oopsy forgot to say which design I liked! love the chicks!

  42. how adorable!!! the cupcakes are darling!!! Just looking at all of these makes me smile and feel happy…..I’m sure my waistline wouldn’t agree but just looking can’t hurt……right??? lol

  43. I love the little chicks. So cute!

  44. Cake pops are certainly the best new delight after donuts and cupcakes. Love Angie’s creativity. In conjunction of Toy Story 3, i would say i love her Hamm and Potatoes cakepops. And everything disney like her recent teapop party cakepops!

  45. I loved Bakerella’s Elmo ones for sure. I also like the mummy one that you have shown in this post!

  46. So cute! The little chickies are adorable. I’d love to show this book to my mother (who loves baking) and make some mini cakes on a stick with her! :)

  47. I would love this book. ofcourse my favorites are the dog cake pops. I do the desserts allot for our dog club get togethers and would love to do these and others for them. Thanks Gina

  48. I am in a baking mood on the weekends these days, and I feel this book is my next purchase! The little chick pops are to die for.

  49. I love the little chicks! How adorable :)
    It seems like a really great, fun book.

  50. Those little chicks are too sweet to eat. If I made them I would just have to admire their cuteness!

  51. This book seems to have the cutest ideas!!! I love baking cup cakes, macaroons and small delicious treats – Love the fact that it is bite size and round! It is very innovative and I really want to see the other creations!
    My favs is the cupcake (as I just love them) the pumpkins and the pink ones as they look really sophisticated!

  52. I want this book so bad! I totally can’t wait to make the super cute popcorn cake pops, my son would just love them! ♥

  53. This is my dream party item! I want to throw a pretty party with vases full of dreamy cakepops! And I totally plopped off when I saw that little chick cakepop! Cute! Overload!

  54. the chickens are amzing!! and the simple pink swirls. i also think little clouds would be adorable!

  55. Cute Cute Cute!!!
    I would LOVE to have this book.

  56. cute! i love the mummy pops (its halloween!) and would really like to see them made out of a red velvet something on the inside… minor morbid and still delicious. thanks for the giveaway and i’m excited to wander around the site.

  57. I love the itty bitty cupcakes!!!so yumilicious!
    tattgiff at centurytel dot net

  58. so adorable! these would be perfect for a nontraditional wedding, and something i’ve defintely contemplated for mine :) I love the cupcakes, or even the owls :)

  59. How cute are they? Ummm, like total SQEEEEEEEE!cute. Everytime I see them I just want an entire collection of my own; yes a collection of cake pops!
    I love the robots. Amazing.

  60. i love the little chick pops too! I would absolutely love to make these with my kids!

  61. pumpkins and chickie/duckies! can a girl have too much fun? thanks for the book opp. big hug, deborah

  62. I’ve gotta say I think all the designs are cute but I will choose the hello kitty since my middle daughter loves hello kitty.I hope I can win this book so my 3 daughters and I can try making some from the book.Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. I would love to have this book!I am in love with the mummies and the pumpkins! They’re perfect for Halloween.

  64. incredibly hard to choose a favorite – it would have to be the robots or maybe the owls. the simple pink ones are nice too. cake pops are so delicious – i think i might actually like them more than cupcakes!

  65. Perfect contest since I was looking at purchasing this very book. I am a cupcake freak and LOVE the little cupcake shapes as well as the standard round icing covered balls. Yum

  66. these are the cutest things ive ever seen,
    i cant wait to try to make them :)

    my favorite had to be the proposal ones on her blog, (what a sweet guy to think of that)
    and the mrs. potts tea pots are just perfect.

  67. I love these little cake pops! My sister-in-law is pregnant and my friend is getting married..these would be perfect for both of their showers!

  68. My best friend showed me these a few months ago. Sooo cute! I’m engaged, and I would love to use them as an alternative to a wedding cake…

  69. I love them all. What a cute idea, so inventive. Curious to see how they taste.

  70. Awesome ideas. Love the little chicks.

  71. super cute!! I love the little duckies!

  72. I adore this 😀 If anything, to be the queen of the party treats from here on, ha! :) I love the Sesame Street ones, and the sheep as well.

  73. My niece and nephew have been on a mummy kick for the holidays, so I’d have to go with the cute little mummies! :)

  74. There are amazing little Mr. Potato Head pops on the Bakerella website, cute, fun and interesting. Kids will love these. :)
    There are also Sesame Street ones, and Winnie the Pooh, perfect for a children’s birthday party.

  75. My sister-in-law is cupcake and sprinkle crazy! She is a total fanatic about anything with sprinkles. I comment, because I must get this book for her. A perfect Christmas gift for sure! She would definitely be all about the cupcake pops. My personal fav is the mummy. 😉

  76. Tooo cute!
    I think Mr. Potatoe head is really funny and I really like the cupcake cakepops.
    Ok, I really like them all. . .

  77. i <3 Bakerella. My friend and I attempted to replicate her pops to fail, =( This would be a great prize to person who wins! Good luck everyone! I'm crossing my fingers =D

  78. I have not seen something this cute in a long time! I love the owl and the cupcakes! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  79. I would eventually make all of them!! Mummys and robots to start with. Thanks for the chance!

  80. These are so cute! I love the idea! The pumpkins are definitely my favorite! Who wouldn’t want try one of these?! I want to make them ASAP!

  81. Omg how gorgeous and delicious!! My fav would have the be the little chickens. I would love to make these as I think they would surprise party guests hehe 😉

  82. I’ve been following Bakerella for a long time. Love the cupcakes, though those owls are pretty darn cute!

  83. Amazingly cute! haven’t a truffles chance in hell of winning though.

  84. I think that cake pops and such a fun idea! The chicks and the mini wedding cakes are my faves. WHo doesn’t love food in a minature scale – and on a stick AND made of cake? YUM!

  85. I love her cake pops! They would be perfect for my girls’ birthday parties. I love the snowmen on the cover, the Halloween designs, the cupcakes are beyond cute…they’re all fantastic!

  86. As a Bakerella fan, I love all the cake pops! The Winnie the Pooh pops are sooo fab!

  87. Nom Nom! I love the little chicks! What a fun little snack,

  88. I LOVE cake pops!! i’m love the robot ones on the front cover!! I’d love to make them!

  89. I love Bakerella!
    My favorites have to be the wedding cake & reindeer cake pops! They’re so cute!

  90. I couldn’t resist buying this book and since I got it (three days ago) I’ve been reading everyword of it :-)
    It’s really worth it and I’m going to make some cake pops next weekend :-)

  91. So cute! The little chickens are adorable, and the owls on the cover of the book so cool.

  92. oh my gosh! i love ALL of them!!! they’re all so colorful and fun!

    but…i think my favorites are the cupcake pops, the sheep pops, and the ice cream pops. :)

  93. I have just seen Cake Pops. What an amazing idea!

    It is my son’s birthday soon, everyday he has an ice lolly after nursery. If I did cake lollys for his birthday, I think he would explode!!

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