Autumn edition of TGIF

Autumn is in the air here and that means an end to the Indian Summer I’ve been loving. But Autumn isn’t all bad…at least it’s not winter. But seriously, I’m started to get into the Autumn spirit. I’m enjoying the beginnings of the fall foliage. I’m definitely into layering and being able to wear some cute jackets and sweaters. I’m also all about the apples from our local orchard and all the cooler weather veggies starting to come through in our CSA farm share (kale, winter squashes and soon some Brussels sprouts, I hope). I can’t wait to start baking again too, something I don’t do much of between April-Sept. Banana bread, oatmeal raisin cookies, pumpkin muffins, ginger snaps are all in my baking plans. I also find that I can once again coax Mr. Indie Fixx out of the house for an evening constitutional, something he doesn’t much enjoy in the summer. And then, there’s Halloween. The pumpkin carving, planning the costumes, hopefully a party to attend and the homemade vegan candy corn.

So, what about you? What are looking forward to this season? What’s in store for you?

fall by hediun

the halloween judge by jamie shelman

and the wind blows by amy blackwell

the heart keeper by lavennzosyp

perfect autumn ensemble by pop pop portraits

automne 1 by aliette

3 thoughts on “Autumn edition of TGIF

  1. oh, I am all about fall—it is my favorite season, and I wish it was fall all year! I’m finally enjoying some cooler weather here in california and taking every chance I get to wear long-sleeved shirts! As for new projects, I’ve gotten really into food experiments lately–specifically from the book Wild Fermentation–I’ve got a sourdough starter and an attempt at vinegar going. What fun! Happy fall to you!

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