Guest Blog: Natural History by Diana Brennan

I’m still away on vacation taking in some natural historie of my own. — xoxo, jen

by guest contributor Diana Brennan

Hi, I’m Diana, and I’m a science addict. Whether it be photographing my natural history series or strewing my home with fresh picked wildflowers in vintage test tubes, I love natural science.

Because, let’s face it, science can be sexy…

and cozy…

from left to right…{{Silver Wing Ring}}, {{Stalactite Earrings}}, {{Fools Gold Polyhedron Earrings}}, {{Migration Necklace}}

and wonderful.

from left to right…{{Little Branch Fragment Light}}, {{Tree Stump Side Table}}, {{Feathers}} & {{Antique Prang Botanical Print}}.

About the contributor: Diana Brennan images are inspired by nature and her background in environmental science. She believes the essence of a scene is often captured best by photographing the details. Her work evokes her love of natural New England, her awareness of the environment and her passion to create.

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