A weekend in pictures

This weekend was action-packed. The mister and I went to Cape Henlopen and Rehoboth beaches to wave watch since Hurricane Igor was causing some killer big waves for our area. We also went out for some great sushi at the Cultured Pearl restaurant in Rehoboth and strolled the Boardwalk reveling in the beautiful weather. I forgot my camera, so sadly I didn’t get any pictures of our fun at the beach, but here are some pictures from the rest of  our weekend.

milburn's orchard apples

Mr. Indie Fixx and I also visited our local orchard for some apples and some more sunshine.  We walked amongst the apple orchard a bit.

Looks like we stepped back in time a bit…

After getting some apples, we headed over to the pumpkin patch. I didn’t buy any pumpkins…too early yet. But aren’t they pretty?

After the orchard, we visited the Farmers’ Market and treated ourselves to quite a haul. We bought leeks, mushroom, ‘jellybean’ tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, lima beans, poblano peppers, corn + more. We are making the most of the last bit of summer, that’s for sure.

It was also Indie Fixx Jr.’s birthday this weekend. Besides throwing her a party, I also made her some Black Forest Cupcakes, a simpler version of them anyway. I used a standard recipe for Devil’s Food Cake and topped them cream cheese frosting flavored with cherry extract and topped with a maraschino cherry.  One of her favorite candies is the chocolate-covered cherry, so I was trying to replicate that. They turned out amazing.

So, that’s the weekend in pictures!


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