A peek inside: indie home tours with Dwell Deep


I don’t know about you, but I love  getting a look at creative people’s homes. It’s one of the perks of this job…and I guess since I share my findings with you for A Peek Inside: indie home tours it’s a perk for you too. Today, we are taking a tour of Sam Wedelich’s home. Sam is the creative force behind dwell deep & the dwell deep blog. She has also contributed a piece for the Feed Your Soul project.

Now, on to the tour.

1. How would you describe your home design style?

Function mixed with eclectic must-have-now pieces.  It is an ever evolving space.

2. Ikea is obviously a big part of your home, where else do you like to shop or acquire furniture and home decor & wares from?
I shop at flea markets or antique stores whenever I have the chance or occasion to leave the city.  My vintage drafting table came from ebay!

3.Tell us about some of the art on your walls (try to stick to the pieces in your photographs or send along some more photos if you mention something not pictured.
With one or two exceptions, most of the art is my own.  Part of that is artistic narcissism and part is a need for space to hang paintings and large drawings I don’t have room to store.  Also, if I’m not sure about a piece, I’ll give it a go on the walls for a week or two and decide if it’s really “finished” or not. The tin-toy fish serigraph above the fireplace was made by one of my college art professors.
4. It looks like you have 2 different workspaces/desks. What is each one used for.
I do illustrations in both digital and hand-drawn format.  I do all my hand drawing, painting and silly jars at my drafting table.  I do all my post-processing or digital drawing on my computer.  I also have all my shipping supplies and such organized near the computer, so my process is very streamlined when orders come through.

5. Love the blackboard wall in the kitchen. I have one myself in my office. Do you change what’s on it frequently or do you tend to keep something inspirational up for a long time? I have the lyrics to Little Room by The White Stripes on mine.
Ooh!  Song lyrics are a great idea.  I change it about once every 4-6 weeks.  It’s usually some sort of inspirational quote or poem.  If I’m hosting a party, I’ll put the course menu on it.

6.I REALLY love the succulent garden in the fireplace! Tell us about that.
Okay, so I’ve had a growing (no pun intended) love for succulents for about 5 years now.  It started when I lived in Miami and visited the botanical gardens there regularly.  Then when we moved to New York, I had to figure out how to keep all my little friends alive in a low-light, four-season environment.  Our fireplace isn’t functional and I knew I needed grow-lamps, so the idea was born!  Since then, I’ve read books, collected new specimens, and am saving up for a better light!

7. What’s your favorite room and why?
The “big” room.  It’s where all the best things happen!  Band practice, reading in the overstuffed purple chair, watching a movie and reading inspiring blogs!

8. Any current or upcoming home projects?

I have it in my mind to paint the bed a green color soon and I’ve been toying with the idea of recovering our couch with dyed canvas drop-cloth.  I think it would look nice in a muted aqua color or a purple to match the arm chair.

9. What was your favorite project in decorating and designing your house? What would you do differently?

Definitely installing the computer desk area.  It was a long process over a few months, but I feel so organized and tidy when I work there!

I would someday like a larger dining table, as ours is snug when four people sit at it.  A reclaimed wood farm table sounds ideal.  I’d also try to be a bit more strategic with color… I love lots of color, so I tend to just gravitate toward it, but I’ve had to learn to edit that… and it’s still a process for me!

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