A hike in the woods….it does a body good.

Mr. Indie Fixx and  I took advantage of the cooler temps today ( 80 degrees with low humidity) and took a 3 mile hike at the state park just around the corner from our house.  We saw a chipmunk and several deer and plenty of other flora and fauna as well.  We’ve been going to the park at least twice a week these last couple of weeks. It’s nice to get out from in front of the computer and experience such a lovely resource we have practically right in our backyard. Today we actually were able to pretend that it WAS our backyard, since we saw not one other person after the park ranger at the entrance.

On our hike we came upon the primitive camping spot and we talked about going camping later this season when the leaves really start to change and after the threat of mosquitoes has diminished some. Then, we will just need to worry about the mountain lion that is sometimes spotted in the area…not too much of a threat I think.  I haven’t done primitive camping since I was a kid, and that involved hiking up a mountain and washing our dishes in a stream. I think this would be much more low-key.

It was nice to get out in nature and leave our work worlds behind. It was also nice to spend an afternoon with my boy.

Here’s where we were today and here are a few pics I took.


  1. thanks! we are planning on going back this weekend as long as the weather is nice.

    Jess, what’s the nature like in Brisbane?

  2. Wow, that butterfly shot is amazing! As is the whole place – such beautiful woods! Our bush here in Australia is very different 🙂

  3. beautiful photos! i live a block from an arboretum but never go walking…now that i have more time on my hands i keep meaning to do it…you are inspiring me to go for a walk…

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