It’s Labor Day, the last good day of the year, & some indie cats

Since it is Labor Day, I am taking it easy and spending time with the fam at my brother’s BBQ. But before I left though, I had enough to pull some adorableness from the Indie Cats Flickr group for you folks who may be stuck inside on this glorious last unofficial day of summer. Just to be silly, I added some captions too. Yes, I am a crazy cat lady who talks to her cats…and answers for them. I’m not proud, jut being truthful. 😉

Also, here’s a link to a song that I always listen to on Labor Day as a remembrance of the summer past….Cousteau’s Last Good Day of the Year.

See you all tomorrow!

“Get your own copy, this one is mine.”  ~  Kobe from sandy_pants

“Ima kittenz!”  ~  from  joanac
“Come back later, plz.”  ~  Lucy from  jennifer_mcbrien
“yes, I am pretty. thank you. ”  ~   from Megan Burgess
‘Ima sleepin’.”  ~  Bebe from Arriel Goodwin/AriDesigns Studio

“My babies.”  ~ from  joanac

“i just don’t feel like doing a thing today. how about you?”  ~  from scientificculture

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