Feed Your Soul: the free art project from Jill Bogart

feed your soul: the free art project

Happy Labor Day for all my U.S. readers. I hope you are spending it ocean-side, at a BBQ, at a festival or doing something else fun. If you are stuck inside today staring at a screen, then enjoy this bit of  loveliness from artist Jill Bogart from Feed Your Soul: the free art project.

jill bogart free printable art download

Jill Bogart – Jill spends her days playing with a boy (Doodle), a girl (Boo), and a dog (Hoob). She spends her nights turning all that play into drawings. A trained art historian and a wannabe scientist, Jill has a wide range of interests, which sometimes seem to be at odds to one another. She looks to her art as a way to combine all of these loves and is pleased to have found so many who share them. See more of Jill’s work at her website and Etsy shop.

Download Jill’s print HERE!