How do you organize? with Liz Scott

Liz Scott ( Liz’s blog) shares her workshop/studio with us today for the latest installment of How Do You Organize?. Liz set me some pictures of her workspace and  I was taken with how cute and neatly organized it was,  I just had to ask her about her organizational setup.

If you want to share your organization solutions, problems, before & afters or anything else related to organization, send me an email. I’d love to take a look.

Can you give us a mini tour of your workspace? What’s the layout like? What do you work on there?

My studio is the largest bedroom in our 2 bedroom apartment. I share the space with my soon-to-arrive daughter, so it is a studio/nursery. I have about half of the overall space for my sewing, blogging, and designing needs. I have a large work table and a shelving unit that holds my stash of fabric, an inspiration bulletin board on the wall, a large computer desk which also includes my printer and scanner.

How would you describe your organizational style? Are you more “everything has its place” or “a little clutter breeds creativity”?

I am so “everything has its place.” I wasn’t always like this, but I have become a bit of an organizational freak in recent years. It just makes me feel better if everything looks neat 🙂 That being said, the studio is not always that way and I don’t get too upset if things are messy for a while.

What works well in terms of your set-up?

I have designated space for everything I need to do in the studio/nursery. In a room where so much happens, overall it is very functional. Doing things like using the closet for my sewing nook and putting more cabinetry in there for organization, really goes a long way in maximizing the utility of the room.

What’s the story behind that wooden piece you are storing your notions in? Do you know what it was originally used for?

This piece, that now resides next to my sewing machine was found at the inimitable Rose Bowl Flea Market. I’m not really sure about the former life here, that’s why this piece really speaks to me. My best guess is that it may have been in someone’s garage workshop and I like to believe there was a little chart hanging on the wall somewhere that corresponded to each numbered box to tell the contents. Not sure, but it definitely met my criteria when searching for containers to house my sewing notions. I love the painted numbers and the rustic look of this wooden box, so I didn’t want to paint it, instead I just scrubbed it within an inch of its life.
Where is your workspace in your home? Does that present challenges for organizing?
My workspace is at the back of the apartment and it has a door that leads out to the backyard. It is really the nicest room in the whole place and the only challenge is that I can see the hammock in the backyard and sometimes I slack on my work so that I can head back there and read a book or take a nap 🙂

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