Back to School Guide: Day 8

Today’s Back to School Guide 2010 goodies were curated by Polly Conway. Polly regularly writes for the ReadyMade blog about all things crafty and handmade. She’s also writing a piece for the October edition of Joie mag.

back to school guide 2010

1.“Read” Distressed Wall Sign by Old New Again
2. Wooden Colored Pencils Necklace by Geekery Jewelry
3. Architect’s Earrings by Pink Top Hat
4. Reusable Sandwich Eco Bag in Apples and Pears by Zummi
5. Kitten Awesome Pocket Journal by Nowvember

back to school guide 2010

6. Paper Airplane Embroidery Hoop Wall Art by Montclair Made
7. “Marjorie Dean: High School Freshman” Journal by Useful Books
8. Plant Cell Science Diagram T-Shirt by Nonfiction Tees
9. Little Goat Flash Card Pack by Space Dog Studios



  1. That colored pencil necklace and the architect earrings are too cool for school! (Har har) The kitty rainbow journal reminds me of a wallet that Tinymeat does.

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