Back to School Guide 2010

back to school guide

I love back to school time. Even though I haven’t been in school in more than a few years, I love back to school supplies, decor & fashion. That’s why, every year I put together a back to school guide ( you can see previous guides here). This year was no different and I even had a little help from some of my friends. Every day this week, and into next week, I will be sharing back to school goodies for big & little kids for those who are actually going back to school and those of us who are still stuck back in 2nd grade with our tapper keepers!

Kicking off the Back to School Guide 2010 is Christen from Letter Happy. I love Christen’s fun screenprinted tees, cards, print & more (especially the do what you love what you do print). xoxo – Jen

1. Modular Messenger / $37 / bayanhippo. I’m loving these new Modular Messenger bags from bayanhippo. So roomy, with four oversized pockets to fit all your gadgets!
2. Handmade Pencils / $11.35 / MissIsaau. Who says school supplies have to be boring? Pick up some of these unique, pretty pencils from MissIsa!
3. Personalized Sorority Pendant / $35 / Chipmunk Hollow. Show your sorority pride with these personalized pendants from Chipmunk Hollow. Not a sorority girl? You can also have them personalized with your school’s initials and colors!
4. Eco Friendly Vegan Linen Flat / $38 / extraseed. Walking across campus doesn’t have to give you blisters! Look good and be comfortable in these eco-friendly flats from extraseed. So many colors and patterns to choose from!
5. Squirrel Tee / $24 / flytrap. Now that you’re done with those terrible high school uniforms, express yourself with some cute and comfy tees. I’m especially loving this adorable squirrel design from flytrap.
6. Collage Tshirt Dress / $42 / TheSisCrew. I just discovered the unique collage tshirt dresses from TheSisCrew, and I absolutely love them! A comfortable, yet stylish way to dress up for class.. especially if you’re trying to catch the eye of that cute boy that sits next to you!

back to school guide

7. Three Magical Notebooks / $67 / celestefrittata. Having a hard time staying awake in that boring math class? Scribble your notes in one of celestefrittata’s handbound notebooks and pretend you’re at Hogwarts taking Potions or Care of Magical Creatures instead!
8. Mini Goals Chalkboard / $35 / Mary Kate Mcdevitt. For those days when an ordinary to-do list just won’t do! These supercute chalkboards from Mary Kate McDevitt sure get me in the mood to accomplish my daily goals!
9. Fabric Bunting Banner Decoration / $32 / The Merriweather Council. The Merriweather Council has wonderful fabric buntings available for sale.. perfect for that hard-to-decorate dorm room or apartment!
10. Sweet Potted Fabric Plant / $30 / Jane Joss. Let’s be honest, you probably don’t have the time to go to class, have a social life, and take care of a real potted plant at the same time. This fabric alternative from Jane Joss is the perfect way to add a little pop to a drab corner.
11. Vintage Long Framed Mirror / $26 / tawnillia. Dorm rooms aren’t exactly known for their size.. this repurposed vintage long frame mirror will fit on any small wall.
12. Vintage 1960’s Desk Organizer / $25 / sevenbc. Space is an ever-constant issue in a college dorm room, so this vintage desk organizer from sevenbc is perfect. It has four compartments, but stacks up neatly and won’t take up too much desk area.


  1. Oh what fun! I love back to school shopping…well know. Hehe. I didn’t when I was the child. YAY for back to school!

    Thank you so much for including my pencils in your back to school guide.

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