Indie Fixx Book Club: some current faves from Chedva

indie fixx book club

I’ve had a tremendous response to the  Indie Fixx Book Club and I’m so excited about that. I knew you all were bookies—rather, those who love books and not bet takers!  Many of you contacted me about getting involved and sharing a post about what you are reading, eat you recommend, resources and more. Chedva was the 1st to get something back to me.

Since I had a busy weekend, i still need to choose the winner in the craft book giveaway. I will do that later today and share the winner as soon as I hear back from him/her. xoxo –  jen!

Hello everyone, I’m Chedva from Belly’s Button. When Jen asked me to participate in the Indie Fixx Book Club, I was thrilled. Cause, you see, for me books are life. They’re my bread and butter, literally: they’re my job. I’m an English to Hebrew translator and a professional reader, which means I read manuscripts that aren’t published yet (or that are published in other countries) and help publishing houses decide whether to buy the rights and publish them, or not. I also write about books and literature for a Hebrew literary site, called Bli Nikud.

Because I’m always surrounded by books, and I read about 4 books a week for work, I became very picky about the books I chose to read in my spare time. That is not to say that I snub chick-lit and such, not at all. When I read a book I expect it to fulfill something. It has to help me unwind, to teach me something and to be enjoyable– or at least 2 of these 3 things, and the writing must be good.

This year, I’ve became increasingly interested in sewing, and while I attended classes with a great teacher, I still find that there is nothing like learning a new technique from a good book. Design is also a passion for me, as you can see on my blog. Interior design books inspire me and help me unwind simultaneously. For me, an interior design book and a great novel or a fascinating non-fiction read are weekend essentials.

So, without further ado, my current favorites (top to bottom):

We Two– Watching the 2009 film The Young Victoria sparked an interest in Queen Victoria for me. Emily Blunt was spectacular in her role, the film was surprisingly un-Hollywood like and sticked to the facts (mostly). I love this book, because it gives not only the dry facts, but also the backgrounds of Queen Victoria’s and Prince Albert’s life, and their less-than-romantic surroundings. Truly fascinating.

The Best Of Everything– For the ’50s lovers, this book would be a treat, but it’s an excellent novel even if the era doesn’t intrigue you. Rona Jaffe tells the story of a group of girls living their dream, working at a publishing house in NYC. Surprisingly accurate (sadly) many years after it’s written, and you can treat yourself by watching the movie, with the likes of Joan Crawford and Stephen Boyd.

Sew U Home Stretch – The best guide to sewing with knits. I was so intimidated by “that other kind of fabric” and now it’s my favorite to sew. The patterns are great (though I find the size variety limited), but you can also just read her tips and tricks. The author’s other books on sewing are also very good references for the beginning sewist.

To Your Taste – Celerie Kemble’s book is my favorite of the interior design clan (yes, even more than the great Domino!). You can be inspired by the gorgeous interiors pictured in the book, or learn from Kemble’s helpful, time-tested (her mother is a talented interior designer as well) advice. I recommend you do both. This book is always on my list, no matter how many times I flipped through it.

I hope you enjoyed my little list. Thanks for having me, Jen!


  1. Heather- right on. Sometimes this job isn’t *that* dreamy, but most of the time I can’t believe people are paying me to read.
    Eva- Thanks! and you’re welcome 🙂
    Megan- you work in a bookstore? Talking of dream jobs! Tell me if you liked the book, if you want.

  2. You are a professional reader?! *SIGH* Dream job! Except for when you have to read manuscripts that are total crap and will never get published 😉

  3. that is what it means to love your job and do it even it your spare time!!!! lol!!!!so jealous of this job!!!thank you for the recommendations!

  4. Chedva – You have the best job ever! I would love to read about how you found your career 🙂 Also, thanks for recommending The Best of Everything, I work in a bookstore and I have moved it to the top of my reading list!

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