It’s been 4 years today!

indie fixx 4th anniversary

Today is the 4th Anniversary of Indie Fixx! Yay! It’s been 4 years, 2,108 posts &  20,823 comments since I first started Indie Fixx back on August 6th, 2006. I usually celebrate my anniversary with a big contest, but this year I thought I would keep it simple and forgo all the hoopla. Instead, I want to tell you all how much I love you for allowing me the freedom to do what I love and to thank you for reading me for all these years. Let’s make at least 100 years more!

Here’s the very 1st post that started it all. I don’t think that Frosting Fashions is still around, but Wendy Mink is and I still love her jewelry. She doesn’t do the crocheted earrings anymore, but you can see some pretty substitutions below.

But first, please feel free to share what Indie Fixx means to you. I’d love to hear from you! 😉


  1. i love your blog. it is so super cute:) i also love these earrings you posted. mint green is so gorgeous right now;0
    smiles, gina

  2. he congratulations/ in a few days its gonna be four years at my job and I have to say, they just flew: who knew it was already four years! go you!

  3. happy bday indie fixx!!!! this is such an accomplishment. I discovered Indie Fixx not that long ago, but it feels like home to me! I feel like we have been talking and sharing ideas for the longest time, and this is great for me! thank you for making me feel like home and introducing me to the lovely word of indie style!!!

  4. i discovered indiefixx around the time i discovered etsy, which was about 2 years ago. i honestly had no idea that there were so many hip, indie crafters out there. discovering this community has been such a great experience! i’ve met so many awesome, creative, fabulous people, and i’m really proud to be a part of the indie lifestyle. jen and this blog have only reinforced my love of all things indie, and i look forward to the next four years (and beyond)! keep doing what you’re doing, jen! great work!!

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