Guest Blog: Eco Post – Make, Do and Mend Edition from Katya the intern

Katya the Intern again with another installment of my DIY eco series (see the other posts herehere, and here) This time we’re looking at the world of wearables, and while there are a lot of options to dress fabulously and be kind to the Earth, we’re focusing on the recycled DIY….the recycling and remaking of necklaces, shoes and even (gasp!) clothes. If you’re not feeling the most crafty, but still want to be a bit more green, there are a lot of shops around the web (Etsy is a good starting point) that specialize in Earth-friendly and renewable resources. Vintage and secondhand shops are perfect for reusing wearables and tend to be less expensive to boot.

Some of these projects involve sewing, but many can be easily accomplished with hand stitching in lieu of a sew machine. Others don’t take much more than some glue, spray paint and the ability to cannibalize some of your own worn out wardrobe.

Eco Post: Make Do and Mend Edition

1. Fabric Scrap Button Necklaces from Very Purple Person
2. Mens Shirt Refashion from Sewing Princess
3. T-Shirt Belt from This Old Dress
4. Total Shoe Redo from Grosgrain

Eco Post: Make Do and Mend Edition

5. Jersey Necklaces from IS-LY
6. Recycled Ruffle Tank from Craftopia
7. Scrap Bow Belt from Tilly and the Buttons
8. Book Beads from The Smallest Forest

Eco Post: Make Do and Mend Edition

10. No Measure T-Shirt Skirt from Analog Me
11. Curler into Cuff by P.S. I Made This
12. Yo Yo Necklace from Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky!


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