patty pan, patty pan

patty pan squash

Patty pan, patty pan.
Cooker, Jen.
Cook me up, eat me up.
Just as fast as you can.

That’s the little ditty I sung to myself, while I was cooking up my patty pan squash The other night (I like to make up songs while I cook, I entertain myself). Aren’t they pretty? I love patty pan squash. They taste good and they are just so darn cute!

I do have copious amounts of them though, so I am looking for some fresh ideas on how to use them. What do you do with your patty pan or yellow squash?

patty pan squash

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  1. thanks for all the suggestions. I’m over our squash abundance and now we have too many cucumbers…

  2. Steam/microwave sliced squash and onions. Put in cassarole dish with sour cream, melted butter, bread crumbs, cheddar cheese, salt, pepper. Put a bit more bread crumb/butter/cheese on top to brown and put in the oven. Viola! Squash casserole! omg now I’m drooling… ha

  3. One of my favorite ways to eat squash is sliced thick with the skin on, sprinkled with a barbecue dry rub and either grilled or pan fried til crispy on the edges. My favorite dry rub to sue for this is Penzeys Barbecue of the Americas; it’s the allspice and ginger that make it so awesome, I think.

  4. My fave thing to do with them, Jen, is quarter them up & steam with onion. Then, after buttering, I sprinkle them with fresh grated parmesan. Yum! Boy, do I wish that mine looked like yours. My wee guys are really struggling this year – it just hasn’t been hot enough here….

  5. I want ideas too – didn’t eat last weeks (from CSA) and just got more!! overwhelmed by squash.

  6. I love squash but my boyfriend likes to have them mixed into other stuff to eat them. I’ve made mushroom-squash quinoa and squash quesadillas that I like really well. Both recipes are easily adaptable to what you have on had and your own preferences. Here is the quesadilla recipe on my blog:

    The mushroom squash quinoa is made by sauteeing onions, garlic, mushrooms, and squash in olive oil. Add any herbs or seasonings you like. Add the quinoa and water and veggie/chicken stock according to the directions. Mmmmmmm. Serve with a salad and dinner is served!

    If you’ve never tried quinoa, you must! It is a more nutritional alternative to rice, with a great texture. People shy away from trying it sometimes because they’re afraid of the texture. I’m not a big fan of cous cous because of this, but I love quinoa!

  7. Patty pan squash is so pretty! Last time I was rich with squash, I made refrigerator pickles following a recipe for bread and butter pickles. They came out yummy!

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