Mad Men Style: a look at ads from 60s mags

The mister and I watched the season opener of Mad Men  last night (we watch on iTunes, so we are a little behind) and I was a little underwhelmed. The pacing was way off,  I thought. One of the things that I love about Mad Men is that each episode flows like it’s a little poem or a panting. Although, I did like the ending, last night’s episode was not poetry for me. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, so that’s all I will say, but I do hope that this is a tiny hiccup in an otherwise riveting season.

Whatever my thoughts on the content of Mad Mean, the styling was utterly deliciousness. The costumes, the sets, the hair & make-up…gorgeous.  It got me all excited to put together another post in my Mad Men series (here’s a link to last year’s Mad Men posts, if you are interested)

For this post, I decided to share ads for women’s fashions from 60’s magazines that I discovered on flickr. It makes sense to me, since the show is about advertising after all. Looking through all these ads made me realize that advertising for women hasn’t changed much. They are still trying to sell us on the image of how we want to see ourselves, rather than who we actually are.

mad men style

From Seventeen, July 1961 by sugarpie honeybunch

by april-mo

by sugarpie honeybunch

From Seventeen, January 1961 by sugarpie honeybunch

Beechcraft Ad 1960 by myvintagevogue.

by myvintagevogue

by sugarpie honeybunch

by rchappo2002

by rchappo2002

Grants by sugarpie honeybunch.

by sugarpie honeybunch From Mademoiselle, July 1965

by april-mo


  1. I definitely agree about the new episode! I hope it gets back to normal asap!
    And that last photo reminds me of Betty’s uppity new style.

  2. I totally agree! I also just watched Mad Men last night and I thought it was really slow. I didn’t like it at all. very disappointing.

  3. Lovely post! Great to keep us in the Mad Men mood.
    I didn’t think the season opener was a WOW, but it’s definitely worth the wait to see what great plots will unfold.

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