Advice to sink in slowly

I love a good art project, I started Feed Your Soul: the free art project after all. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this one or not, but it’s truly wonderful so I just had to share. It’s really the perfect thing for a summer Friday too, when I know so many of you are stuck at the office just waiting to get out for the weekend.

So anyway, the project is called Advice to Sink in Slowly and it’s an ongoing series of posters designed by graduates for the purpose of passing on advice and inspiration to first year students. An advice poster is given  to every student starting a course at participating Universities when they 1st  enroll.

It looks like it’s only a UK project, but what a fabulous idea. We should so totally have something like this all over the world!

Some of the advice is hilarious and fun, while some advice is so spectacularly stated that it makes me want to wallpaper my office with advice posters. Some of the art is totally amazing as well.  And, many of the posters are for sale for really reasonable prices in the  Advice to Sink in Slowly SHOP….one could really wallpaper their office with these them!

I’ve shared some of what I think is the best advice below.  What about you? What do you think is the best advice? What advice do you have to give? My advice would be “Don’t forget what it felt like to be a kid”.

let go of what you think you know by david plant

debt is not your friend by richard dinnis

don’t be afraid to ask questions by yee ting kuit

to create ideas is a gift, but to choose wisely is a skill by ryan morgan

take a camera everywhere by carolyn alexander

be yourself by jane laurie

you learn from your mistakes. make as many as possible by jo peel


  1. I just love your blog. It’s overwhelmingly cute and uber adorable. I actually featured some of the free art project clip arts in my blog…:)

  2. glad you liked them. I am most def planning on getting some for my office…although it is rather full of art already!

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