Guest Blog: Home decor from trash by Katya the intern

It’s Katya the Intern again with another part 3 of my Eco-home tips & tutorials series (here’s part 1 & part 2) This round is for recycled, re-purposed and reused decor to pretty up your house. Recycling  household trash and clutter  into decor is is definitely a simple way to reduce waste gong into a landfill. Most things just need a simple cleaning or a new coat of paint and others, like the glass bottle frames, can pretty much be used as is. Of course, you can get about as complex as you want and end up with some pretty fabulous design that no one would ever guess was once something as humble as a milk jug.

reuse trash as home decor
1. Glass Bottle and Jar Frames by Design*Sponge
2. Scrap Fabric Rag Rug by Vintage Chica
3. Toilet Paper Tube Art by Design*Sponge
4. Men’s Plaid Shirt Pillows by Kelly and Olive
reuse trash as home decor
5. Vintage Spool Vases by LushLee
6. iIbbon Spool Cubbies by Paper n Stitch
7. Recycled Yarn Branch by Leethal
8. Crayon Initial by Frugal Life Project
reuse trash as home decor
9. Broken Whiteboard to Magnetic Chalk Board by Made by Nicole
10. Recycled Milk Jug Fixture by Dan Goldwater of Instructables
11. Lightbulb Terrarium by The Hipster Home
12. Bike Chainring Clock by The Hipster Home


  1. wow very creative! this is the besting to do
    this coming school break.
    thanks for sharing.. my kids will love it for sure..

  2. Thank you so much for including my busted whiteboard make over. Very sweet of you.

    What a great line-up of projects. I’m impressed with all the cleverness and creativity.

  3. What great collection of clever projects! My boys and I are re-organizing their every growing collection of rocks, shells, mini-sculptures and so on and I think Ribbon Spool cubbies will be perfect!
    Thanks –

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